Recruitment Process Of Unilever. At Unilever, we recruit from time to time from talents (that have shown interest in working with us) stored in our Resume Reserve Vault.If we do not have a vacancy that interests you but would like an opportunity to join us, please submit your resume for future job considerations. Keeping TABLE OF CONTENT 1. I have been working at Unilever full-time for more than 5 years Pros Great pay, only work half the year, handled Covid-19 immaculately at the factory with 2 week paid leave until symptom free, 1 month off for fathers after having a baby or adopting, 7 vacation days to start and paid holidays. Recruitment and selection process of unilever pdf Unilever: We have reduced the selection process by halfApra 3, 2019 During VCVDemoDay, Unilever IT analyst Andrey Kuzmichev explained how the company has implemented a chatbot to select interns and reduced costs despite additional investment in … CHAPTER 2 2.1 Human Resource planning 2.3 Job design, scope and importance 2.4 The application of job design in Unliver 4. INTRODUCTION 2. Unilever Recruitment Case Study Unilever is a British-Dutch transnational consumer goods company co-headquartered in London, England, and Rotterdam, Netherlands with over 400 brands and employing around 170,000 people globally. CHAPTER 1 1.1 Company history 1.2 Mission 1.3 Vision 1.4 Corporate goals 1.5 HR goals 1.6 HR policies 3. 3247 Words 13 Pages. They recruit 30,000 people a year and receive around 1.8 million job applications too.