The director-general suggests that they let Yan Liang, a remarkable investigator in their team to lead the case then. The director advises her to talk to the procuratorate as the case will now be transferred to them given the chain of evidence has been completed. It began … The team all thinks of  Zhang Xiaoqian of Jiangtan Evening. Jiang Yang and others investigate for 10 years.10 years later, Jiang Yang suffers from illness and plans a subway dumping case with Li Jing, Zhang Chao, Zhu Wei, Chen Ming Zhang, and Zhang Xiao Qian.Yan Liang, investigates the subway murder case, and is the deputy team leader of the task force. Accept Read More. Broadcast Website: iQIYI. He decides to bring Wu Aike, who sits in a separate table – Li Jing is unaware. Wu Aike’s father is the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Municipal Procuratorate and he also liked Jiang Yang. He suggests that Jiang Liang may have been kidnapped leaving him no opportunity to wash his hands. Light on Series: The Long Night ; Official Poster: Original title: 沉默的真相 : Subtitle: English: A.k.a: Chang Ye Nan Ming, Chen Mo De Zhen Xiang, 长夜难明 : Director: Chen Yifu : Screenwriter: Chen Xu : Genres: Suspense, Thriller, Crime, Investigation, Psychological : Country: China : Total Episodes: 12 : Release Date: Sep 16, 2020 / Sep 18, 2020 : Airs On Air Time: Wednesday-Friday 20:00 (2 eps), 4 eps released early for VIP on Sep 16 and Sep 17 (See Viewing Calendar ) Genre: Crime, Modern, Suspense. There are at least a few hundred eyewitnesses at the scene, and the suspect also confesses to the entire crime.Witnesses, physical evidence, oral confession – there is a complete evidence chain. I don’t think he was being “stupid” as he claims. All Rights Reserved. He narrates that the victim is a friend and he killed him in the spur of the moment due to a debt dispute. She waits silently in the dark, just to let her deceased get the justice they deserve. A  street sign is visible in the photo (Fengshan Road) and they have traced it to the Pingkang County. Yan Liang and the special investigation team view the subway CCTV footage taken on the 12th of March 2010. © 2020 Project Viajero. His has a different style of handling the case, does not play his cards according to common sense, and has a keen insight into details.The suspect killed and threw the body, but is arrested on the spot due to an accident in the public. He has a keen insight into the details. However, the snake turns out to be a thousand-year ancient dragon named Yuchu Longyan, who now wants to marry her to repay her kindness. The special investigation team discuss the details in the photo and it leads them to a clue. Huang Yao 黄尧 as Zhang Xiao Qing 张晓倩One of the planners of the subway murder case. The bomber, Zhang Chao is interrogated by the police. They can’t see the face of the man who gets out of the car clearly. Li Jing brings up Hou Guiping. Hou Gui Ping’s girlfriend Li Jing found that things were not that simple, and asks her old classmate Jiang Yang for help.Jiang Yang graduated from the Department of Political Science and Law of Jianghua University. The two's lives then become entangled with each another as their love transcends over three lifetimes. A man visits a grave in the cemetery. This is a 12-episode drama and I’m sure all parts will be packed to the brim. The editor gives her a greenlight as the case has been garnering a lot of attention from the public anyway. One of the delivery men shuts off the TV which earned protests from his co-workers. His face isn’t shown. In a media office (Jiangtan Evening), a reporter ( Zhang Xiaoqian) laments to her editor that all her research has amounted to nothing as Jiang Yang had died. The letter is signed, HGP. Based on the pictures in her living room, she is now married to someone else. The sender claims that they do not want to personally reveal the killer as the revelation would cause many people to die in the city. A member of the bomb squad carefully opens the luggage – they find a body inside. Amidst his success at a young age he fell in love with a female student and he gave it all up to protect the relationship. The police lure the bomber near an exit and Ren Yueting, captain of the Criminal Investigation Division approaches the man to negotiate. Summary: The Chinese drama is is based on Zi Jin Chen’s novel “The Long Night Is Difficult to See” and tells the story of prosecutor Jiang Yang who has paid countless prices to find out the truth of the case over many years. Chinese title: 沉默的真相 / Chen Mo De Zhen Xiang English title: The Long Night. Yan Liang inspects Zhang Chao’s apartment (where Jiang Yang died) and they find his wife, Li Jing there. Zhang Chao doesn’t have an explanation to this except he asserts again that he isn’t the culprit. Today onwards, the sender will send her nine photos, one photo every three days.