Making these at home is so easy and the kids can fill them up with their favourite fillings. We turn it into snacks: rice paper salad, stuffed rice paper rolls, grilled rice paper (aka Vietnamese pizza), etc. Place the rice paper wrappers, egg, noodles and all the prepared vegetables on the clean workbench, ready to roll. These Vietnamese rice paper rolls are full of fresh flavours and taste just like the ones you buy in restaurants. Fill a large bowl with warm water for the wrappers. Edible rice paper is mainly used to make fresh summer rolls (salad rolls), fried spring rolls, and to wrap food from some other dishes like Vietnamese pancakes. 3. Q: I love Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, and enjoy rolling salads into them, to be dipped into soy and nyokmam. Working with one wrapper at a time, dip into the water for 1 second to soften. The instructions say dip in warm water for five minutes, and then take out, but once you do this, they stick to everything. Recently, we found another way to use rice paper. 4. Ingredients. However, I cannot figure out how to prep the rice paper itself. Do not soak as the wrappers can become too soft and tear. 5.