Examples of infinitives:. Examples of infinitives or infinitive phrases used as nouns:. Napoleon was one of the greatest of generals. So, it is possible to use both infinitives and gerunds as subjects, but gerunds are much more commonly used as subjects. Let us see how infinitives join sentences through some examples. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Joining Sentences Using Infinitives. It is your duty. In those two quotes, the infinitives “to be” and “to mourn” are used as the sentence subjects. 1) I like to run. When you talk about how you use something (often on a particular occasion), use the “to do” form. I must do it tonight. He wanted to learn English. Join each pair of sentences by using infinitives. To walk. Combine each set of sentences into one Simple sentence by using Infinitives: - He wants to earn his livelihood. Ways of combining two or more simple sentences into one simple sentence. He wanted to frighten the traveler. Only on this condition you can save your life. He must provide for them. Adjectives and infinitives. 5. The robber took out a knife. Use a participle like “a” or “an” or definite article like “the.” By using conjunctive words like and, as well as, both. To understand. (functions as a direct object) 2) I wanted to cook dinner for my parents. 3. Why did she get braces? He works hard for that reason. For example: “I’m happy to help you.” “English is easy to understand.” “It’s lovely to sit in the garden.” To do / for + ing. You must part with your belongings. He could not buy a loaf of bread. I have some work to do tonight. Every cricket team has a captain. Using but, yet, whereas, nevertheless as coordinating conjunctions. Filed in English Grammar. He did not have even a penny with him. The strikers held a meeting. He has five children. Joining Sentences Using Infinitives - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. To cook. They wished to discuss the terms of the employers. It is your duty to help your brother. Posted by Manjusha. He leads other players. 1. I … (You can use “in order to” or “so as to”+ the simple form of the verb, but the infinitive alone does the same job just as well.). You must help your brother. He went to England. 2. She wanted to straighten them to have a nicer smile. I have some work. She got braces to straighten her teeth.. Why did she want to straighten her teeth? This is universally acknow A a Some of the worksheets for this concept are Unit 18 gerunds and infinitives, Combining sentences using infinitive phrases, Building sentences with adverbial clauses, Sentences with linking verbs, Sentence combining part two, Coordinating conjunctions, English grammar composition, Independent and dependent clauses. It is very heavy. 6. The infinitive can appear by itself, or it can be part of a larger infinitive phrase.. By using an infinitive. Make use of a noun or phrase to combine the sentences. Using infinitives like “to” and some other infinitives. To make. She got braces in order to straighten her teeth. Infinitives use this disguising ability to be the glue which joins separate sentences which are fighting. You can use an infinitive after an adjective. 4. To run. (functions as a direct object) Just pay attention to how the choice reflects on the tone and meaning of your sentences.