The best thing about this Dobsonian reflector telescope is that it comes with a specially designed Moon filter that is made to block out some of the light that the Moon transmits. Apertura Accessories 15% Off - Use Code APERTURA15 At Checkout! Three-Year Accident Replacement Program that begins after your initial 2 year warranty expires. The package includes a dual-speed two-inch Crayford focuser, a 9×50 finderscope, different eyepieces that provide different magnifying power, a cooling accelerator fan, an eyepiece tray, a collimation cap, and educational software. $150.00 to $390.00 - apply Price filter. Compare { entityId: 116989, entityType: 'product' } { … As a result, you will get the most perfect view very quickly and you will be able to enjoy observing celestial objects for a longer period of time. Even though this truss tube Dobsonian telescope comes in a large size it is still completely portable. Because of this feature, you will be able to observe the tiniest details of Moon’s craters and mountains. This deluxe upgrade of our XT8 Classic telescope boasts a redesigned Dobsonian base, adjustable altitude-axis tension, 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser, and a host of other upgrades and included accessories to enhance your stargazing experience. The focuser is specially designed to accept both 1.25 and 2-inch telescope eyepieces to ensure that you can adjust the magnifying power of the telescope according to your needs. It breaks apart into two separate sections, an optical tube, and a base. The choice between them generally comes down to what is practical based upon the aperture of the telescope. FOR SALE BY OWNER - This is a LIKE NEW Dobsonian Orion 12 inch SkyQuest XT12i Automated IntelliScope. Orion 8945 SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope. You can move it in up and down and left to right motions to ensure that you get the best view of the desired object. One of the many benefits to becoming a customer of High Point Scientific is that you receive Unlimited Tech Support on all of the products you purchase from us. Everything you need to do is rotate the telescope’s base, loosen the knob, point the telescope in the direction of the desired object, and turn the knob again to secure it. This large Dobsonian telescope comes with many amazing additional accessories that will enhance your observing experience. Read about the best telescopes on the market and find out why it’s a great thing to get your child an amateur children’s telescope while they are still young. Zhumell Telescopes have been a customer favorite since the company's first Dobsonian telescope exploded onto the amateur astronomy scene. The first one offers powerful optics and it comes with a specially designed Moon filter. Thanks to the truss tube design you can break it apart into many small parts that will fit even in the smallest cars. This 12-inch Dobsonian telescope comes with a high-quality primary mirror cooling fan that will quickly match the temperature of the telescope with the outside temperature. Note that the base assembly of a truss tube Dobsonian is shorter, but also wider than the other types. Typical Dobsonian designs are renowned for the tube swinging down when equipment, even of the slightest weight is added. I bought this from Orion in late 2015. In this post, you will find everything you need to know about the Dobsonian telescopes that cost less than a hundred and more than a thousand dollars. The choice between them generally comes down to what is practical based upon the aperture of the telescope. Customers should communicate directly with the manufacturer regarding details of their warranty, as warranties have a tendency to change without notice. Another great thing about this ultralight Dobsonian telescope is that it comes on a tabletop Dobsonian mount that allows you to move the telescope in the direction of the object you want to observe. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The 46-inch-long enameled steel tube glides on its sturdy Dobsonian telescope base. Simple Design. It's only a few months old. Another great thing about this 10-inch Dobsonian telescope is that it comes with a two-inch Crayford style focuser that features all-metal bearings. The SkyQuest XT8 Classic features a 2-inch Crayford style focuser that accepts both 1.25-inch and 2-inch accessories. Ad Number: 208690. If you’re ready for the quality products and attentive service you’ve been waiting for, then you’re ready for Sky-Watcher USA. The Dobsonian base is a simplified altazimuth mount also known as a rocker box. Dobsonian Bearing Material. It provides you with the possibility of moving the telescope in the direction of the object you want to observe.