Early maturing fruits and long harvest season if cut regularly. I read an article about lacto-bacilli cultures and gardening and decided to give it a try. SB Plant Invigorator spray – a blend of seaweed, surfactants and nutrients – physically gums up the mildew. did lemony heirloom toms last year they were amazing! Major wheat. Thank you for your messages I send from Iran. Most insecticides we would use organically would depend on the beetle feeding, and as soon as they feed they can transmit the disease. ", "Thanks for this article! Scientists are not exactly sure how milk sprays work, but most think proteins in the milk interact with sun to create a brief antiseptic effect. So the few leaves that are on the old wood won't open fully, are stagnant and the few buds turned brown and dry. I have no mildew this year! ", "Powdery Mildew is significant in my "first ever" garden. Was already well underway with the spraying when I realized I had reached for the lactose free out of sheer habit! Also, the comment from TJ sounds useful, I will experiment on different plants to see which is best. These are not powdery mildew patches. At 50/50 formulation every morning for 4 days straight I sprayed. Thanks", "Any type of dairy product, including whey (liquid from cheese making) contains the protein that has antifungal properties when it interacts with sunlight. The e-mail does not appear to be correct. Celery. Worked like a charm. In the days that follow, I never smell a thing. I will have to apply the milk mixture often as our monsoon season (Arizona) seems to be in full swing. ", "I live in Devon, UK, which is mild and damp and always have a battle with potato blight. The best trick is prevention, so make a note to incorporate a lot more organic matter this autumn into the ground. Crisp recommends using dry-milk powder?15 grams for every liter of water. It has always been used throughout history for such things. Thankfully, my Cantaloupes are doing fine so far - LOTS of flowers and vines running everywhere with SOME "little tiny" melons beginning to form! I had used commercial fungicide a month earilier with little to no improvement. ", "Is it too late to do this once the mildew has already started? ", "Just noticing that there's a picture at the top of the blog with zucchini plants, showing the characteristically white color patches that some varieties of zucchini have. I, too, am eager to know if the dry milk will work, as I don't ordinarily have liquid milk around. My growing season here is march through November. ", "Whoa whoa whoa. ", "If it's the protein that's effective I wonder if soy milk would work? ", "Yes, milk works. ", "I carefully followed this advice and the advice from commenters on the milk to water ratio but the problem continued to worsen and my pumpkin vines died last summer. Thanks for the good article. Its pretty late in the season but maybe I'll have blooms if I protect the new growth. As far as one year starting it? I have trimmed some and am now starting this milk coating I believe it may be too late for mine. You sent this email to me and I had sent it when I initially asked the question. It also makes a good fertilizer. A cheaper solution is the old milk trick (and it can be old milk). ", "This sounds brilliant Sue. Will kill the aphids without harming your plants. OR, can I cut the ends off which still are green and flowering (some have "roots" coming off vines), replant and give some root stimulator to help continue growing? I am retired now 65 and took in my gardens all day every day. ", "Prevailed??? Last year I treated with a shop-bought product and the grapes were nonetheless too affected to eat. One of my community gardeners got some downy mildew on a cuke. Dec 2010 was one of the month according to my survey. Major cukes. ", "Thanks guys will give the milk treatment another go. Don't know if it is the radish, but this is the first year I haven't had them attack my squash. And Sam - so sad about your hailstorm. What can we do to minimize or eliminate that possibility, if it exists? Strangely, last year the best cropping plants were the two left-overs I planted in semi-shade. Is is highly poisonous and toxic to the human body. Bill McDorland, a well known seed saving expert, thought he was seeing crosses between Cushaws which are c.mixta with c.moschata. Its interesting that you mention that they are c.moschata. Love to hear anyone else's thoughts. I then put a small amount into one of those cheap plastic misters and topped it up with rainwater again (very unscientifically I didn't measure! I will definitely be trying it. I don't know that milk has been tried on this strain of powdery mildew, but it could be worth a try. I'm sensitive to odors and there has been NO spoiled mild smell. Any fungi present are "burned" into oblivion, but there is no residual effect after that. My squash, cucumbers and I all thank you profusely! More than 50 years ago, researchers in Canada discovered that milk sprays could help prevent powdery mildew on tomato and barley. Between that change and the fact that you will not be ingesting milk, I think you are safe. All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. As Barbara says about 12 posts up the thread, "prevention is better than cure when using any fungicides,"", "Well I'm here to tell you that milk works very well on even advanced stages of P.M. My two rose bushes had it so very bad all last year up till recently. It is relatively new in America, but old as life in the world. You have to spray them before they develope, and continue almost weekly. Leave for several days with top loose enough to allow fermentation gases to escape. I sprayed my potato plants topside and underside of leaves just the once, my father's potatoes in the next bed unfortunately I used as a control (he doesn't care for my experiments! Lots of times when I am having any problems in my gardens, milk is a miracle! Used to be the breadbasket of Europe. I still have the same problem. What do you think? However, they can get powdery mildew and the leaves turn more of a blueish color. ", "Chelsea, the proteins are very different in almond milk, so I would not expect the same results as with dairy products. ", "Good stuff...Another couple of ideas to stop Powdery Mildew are to use chives chopped up and steeped in water then prayed onto the plants. ", "Here in Queensland, I've been losing my Spanish melon and nudie pumpkin to powdery mildew, maybe not too late to save them. I use a hand-held pump-spray bottle to wet both sides of the leaf until it's dripping, and usually spray in mid to late afternoon on a sunny day. Also any one having problems with over watered plants. I grow a major amount of winter and summer squash. Do you associate the silver streaks in the leaves with cushaws? If you think of how milk dries on a surface, it leaves a little glaze, and I wonder if part of the way it works is that it glazes the leaves so the spores can't grab hold. A fast-growing fungus, powdery mildew is also among the worst enemies of rosemary, and is a well-known disease of monarda, grape, and zinnia. But I use organic liquid castile soaps. Tiny airborne spores float about looking for a surface on which to land and feed; if they find courgettes, marrows, pumpkins or cucumbers with those lush big leaves, they’ll happily alight and grow a fine powdery mildew across the surface. Since this at this time is not preventative but hopefully curative I hope it works. As summer swirls around our plants – rain and sun and rain again – other things start to grow. During the winter i noticed white flies and gave it a bit of systemic and they went away. ", "After you made the milk solution do you store in fridge? Iam wondering if anyone has relvant articals, could you please send it to my email address af.mo2009@yahoo.com ", " Us Poles have green thumbs. Since then, numerous small studies from around the world have validated the use of milk sprays on powdery mildew on a wide range of plants. ", "Here is a quote from an article I just found. ", "sorry I only have questions. It's part of old age for cucurbit plants, and as long as the fruits are nearly mature the crop will be okay. ", "Once you can see quite a bit of powdery mildew on leaves, nothing will stop it. As long as they’re not too badly affected then you should still get a decent crop from them. Healthy squash showing no sign of powdery mildew on their leaves. Use what you buy normally. I guess the only question then is cost. The hail storm we had Saturday night pretty much ruined my garden. With the milk water mix, I don't think I need to worry about harming bees. Tomatillos. My ancestors come from Poland. Amazon lists a pound for $15, which would be plenty for you to try. Both are good remedies to cure fungal diseases. I met a Russian family here and they had a milk cow. no soap or bsoda needed. Enjoyed the article on milk spray by Barbara. If courgettes are nestled too closely to their neighbours, or your garden sits at the bottom of a dip, or you’re battling competition with the roots of a vast tree, then you are likely to find your crop succumbs.