Thanks for your great service, highly recommended, I will be back, let me know when you have another pack for sale! Why worry about whether the exponent on d should be 4, which requires using equations that you were specifically told not to use, rather than question whether particular exponents should be positive or negative? Two solid spheres of radius R made of the same type of steel are placed in contact, as shown in the figures above. Most of the questions can be solved by a mixed-ability quiz team, given time and the right thought process. I approached it from a student perspective: "The best choice looks like x = L, i.e. See my Dec. 14 2013 post for a deeper discussion. Any thoughts on how short a question number 5 is? A total of 769 challenging questions that are divided by topic. You'll receive your order instantly even if it's 3 am! I enjoyed writing my solutions to the 2017 AP Physics 1 free response questions. AP COURSE AND EXAM DESCRIPTIONS ARE UPDATED PERIODICALLY ... multiple-choice questions, and this raw score is converted into a composite AP score on a 1–5 scale. Your formula should have I_disk in it. You won't find questions about British soap operas that an American could not answer in the same way as you won't find questions about American football, that only Americans could answer. As you say, the problem asks for students not to manipulate equations, but if they start to become troubled by the logical possibilities regarding the bar, they might derive an equation on separate paper "just to be sure", and then come to incorrect conclusions. If we assume that the disk is small compared with the rod, the second term goes away. It doesn't matter. (I've never bothered to get access to the secure answer sets to see if Greg cares about this detail, but why not worry about that instead of worrying about the inertia of the disk? Resources for teachers and students of introductory physics. When you ask at the start "Is there something that I'm missing with this question? If you are using assistive technology and need help accessing these PDFs in another format, contact Services for Students with Disabilities at 212 … Section 1: Multiple Choice. I'll first say that I came to appreciate "easy" questions after being told that some were used on the graduate comprehensive exam we took because they tested clarity of mind over mindless use of the coolest technique available. I have interpreted this phrasing to mean "do not fabricate values and solve for an unknown" (which is many of my student's favorite end around moves for conceptual/algebraic problems). Not all computers are the same and not everybody has the same software installed. Your questions are a breath of fresh air. Seems like maybe it needed one more part to make 7 points to me. Regarding the last observation that you didn't notice the statement about the rod mass until after you had worked on the problem for awhile, you just explained why it is important to read the entire problem before answering it. Then, when the student can show in variables the calculation showing that the first resistor the same fraction of the battery's voltage, his training is complete. Direct and reciprocal dependences are the first thing that someone should look at when considering if an expression is physical or not. In the end, I think it's obvious to us teachers that we should the assume the mass to be evenly distributed--whereas a student likely would not have seen mass unevenly distributed and would not think of this anyways. I have searched for years to find decent questions for my weekly pub quiz and finally I have found quiz questions that not only meet the level of my quiz players, but also entertain them and bring them back for more ... and there's so many to choose from. Was this added to keep solutions more in line with analyzing and applying the concepts instead of a plug and chug approach?Thank you for your time. All in all I am very impressed with your service, wish I had discovered the site before, I just found it by pure accident on Google. If you need help with that process, please email me. 2. But "The first resistor's voltage increases because it always takes the same fraction of the battery's voltage, and the battery's voltage increased" is excellent physics reasoning. ", I would say you missed that they never said the disk was uniform! You can't assume more, although you might be allowed to assume that the disk's radius of gyration is << d based on the picture. I have bought lots of questions from other websites similar to yours but I have never found such a consistently good set, until I found this one that is. Thousands of fantastic quiz questions & answers from, to those crappy easy-peasy quiz questions sites giving away or selling quiz questions that even a ten year-old could answer, to those days of spending hours & hours writing witty, intelligent, thought-provoking questions to keep your teams focused, 1,700+ Gold Standard Quiz Questions and Answers, of course, Over 150 Printable Pages Of Content In Multiple Formats (see below), 1,900+ Gold Standard Quiz Questions and Answers, Over 125 Printable Pages Of Content In Multiple Formats (see below), 2,000+ Gold Standard Quiz Questions and Answers, 2,100+ Gold Standard Quiz Questions and Answers, Over 140 Printable Pages Of Content In Multiple Formats (also includes ePub format for iPad etc). A full derivation (including using the parallel axis theorem) yields that the best value of x is x = sqrt((I_rod/m_disk)+0.5(R_disk)^2). Is the rod uniform? Changing the radius of gyration of the rod merely shifts the threshold for what "much more" means quantitatively. Students have lost many points by rushing to answer a question without reading it carefully. That is why when you order one of our quiz packs, you may choose from the following file formats when downloading (you can even download the quiz pack in all formats if you so wish): No problem, simply send us an email and we will try our best to convert our quiz pack to your preferred file format. I considered that possibility when I was exploring the problem at the beginning, and whether or not the maximum is beyond the length of the rod depends on the dimensionless moment of inertia (which I'll just call K): the question is what is K*m_rod/m_disk. He verifies that you're a teacher. (If not, this adds another term that is also variable and can approach zero.) Most of the free response questions of the past years have been released on the College Board website.