QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, as well as the Hong Kong Health Food Association and the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore, among others. Direct selling is an established yet ever-growing industry that provides companies with a direct point-of-sale and distribution channel for products and services, away from a physical retail location and without the traditional intermediaries. In the coming decades, with an estimated that 200 million young people being added to Africa’s workforce, an urban population of about 770 million, and 70% internet connected mobile subscriptions, the implications for digital commerce is clear as a large number of people will be able to search and transact directly online through the convenience of smartphone. It has percolated the growth opportunities down up to weakest section of the society and it has significantly contributed to our economy also. While most corporates and economies have lower growth rates, the direct selling industry proves once again that recession and economic crisis is no roadblock to its growth! Direct selling is the perfect sales model, moving products and services directly to consumers through independent reps who earn based on merit! People take their lifestyle more seriously. You can do this through internet marketing, in-person selling, direct mail, catalogs, telemarketing, and other means. A common frustration is that people don’t have enough money, and changing times don’t really bring positive results. They are trained in entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, customer service and business development. The highest number of sales has come from the Wellness category of products, accounting for 36% of all sales. He is a member of the Press Union Of Liberia (PUL) since 1986, and several other international organizations of journalists, and is currently contributing to the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation as Liberia Correspondent. Therefore, it is extremely important to develop entrepreneurship and improve the knowledge of practitioners in the sector. AFA – The Magic Behind Nutriplus DailyHealth. Promote and support entrepreneurship, personal development and economic growth opportunities, Through direct selling, QNET fosters the growth of individuals and small businesses and provides more financial empowerment opportunities for individuals, professionals, small business owners and workers. If you have the time, do take a few minutes to read the full Global Statistics Of World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) 2019. BOMI COUNTY: As Midterm Senatorial Elections Draw Closer Who Will Be Your Preferred Choice? The company has also adapted its products to intercultural norms and situations and is even willing to develop more products locally across Africa. Unfortunately, the general level of quality education and training opportunities in the region to meet this need is often inadequate and inaccessible. The World Federation of Direct Selling (WFDSA) has released their latest report on direct selling numbers and it is astonishingly good. ... See MoreSee Less, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email, #Throwback to 2016 when we celebrated our incredible partnership with Manchester City Football Club with the launch of the much-coveted Cimier #qnetcity limited edition luxury timepieces at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. For the year ending December 31, 2019, the global direct sales numbers were a whopping USD 180.5 billion! Not only that, all regions around the world showed an increase in sales in comparison to 2018. GNN Liberia is committed to accurate, timely and impartial news for the Liberian people. For more amazing #throwback moments: www.qbuzz.qnet.net/2020/09/08/defining-moments-in-qnet-history/ ... See MoreSee Less, When you know what you want to achieve, you’ll learn how to improve yourself to become successful.” – Associate V Partner Dauren IssabayevLet his success story inspire you: www.qbuzz.qnet.net/2019/09/23/qnet-success-story-associate-v-partner-dauren-issabayev/ ... See MoreSee Less. You have to look for opportunities and explore them. New; Popular; Stunning New CHAIROS Men’s Watches by QNET India . of Chhattisgarh, being the first state to adopt the model guidelines on Direct Selling. of Chhattisgarh, being the first state to adopt the model guidelines on Direct Selling. It is a global industry and it is one of the largely untapped solutions to the economic, health and lifestyle challenges facing Africa’s growing population today. It would change their lives for the better. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people, mainly young people, are looking to strengthen their competitive advantages by acquiring more skills in the areas of entrepreneurship, business management and related fields. Direct selling is now practiced in many parts of the world, including Africa. FDSA - Thanks giving ceremony at Raipur on If you’ve wondered about the enormous potential of direct selling, you need to look no further than the latest report by WFDSA. Direct selling is a credible industry, and regulators, such as the US-based World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, go to great lengths to adopt best practices and ensure the industry operates to the best standards. The challenges facing the majority of West African populations. Joel Cholo Brooks is a Liberian journalist who previously worked for several international news outlets including the BBC African Service. APLI is the only direct selling association in Indonesia that is recognised by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA). Direct selling is a retail channel used by top global brands and smaller, entrepreneurial companies to market products and services to consumers. Direct selling, as it has existed for more than a century, will remain one of the major solutions to the African challenge of economic empowerment. #Throwback to 2016 when we celebrated our incredible partnership with Manchester City Football Club with the launch of the much-coveted Cimier, When you know what you want to achieve, you’ll learn how to improve yourself to become successful.” – Associate V Partner Dauren Issabayev. While the Global Direct Selling report focuses on retail sales, the Global Sales report is based on sales by product category. The Asia-Pacific region has an incredible 68.4 million IRs, and Africa and the Middle East boasts of 6.4 million IRs. Cholo Brooks Another dominant trend is the emergence of a health and beauty consciousness, especially in recent times. QNet is an international direct selling company, trading under the brand name of QuestNet to offer innovative lifestyle and wellness products through a global sales force of Independent Representatives. And that only means that there is a growing market for health and lifestyle related products and services. ”. So let’s see what this industry really is. The world body for direct selling, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), issued its annual statistical report for the year 2019 recently, showing the collective Africa & Middle East region achieved double digit growth of 11.6 per cent against the previous year. Read More. Nowadays, while education is always a good thing, it is no longer a guarantee of success. This is what QNET offers the African and Liberian market. Some of the lessons they learn are equivalent to those taught in leading business schools around the world. Many companies say join,bt how ND wt is correct? This is a quick look at what sort of products the direct selling industry is interested in. Unfortunately, this fast growing stream of business had no regulatory authority till recent past to govern the Direct Selling Business in India. Mobile Lines: (Liberia) +231886461010 / +231555-461010 / +231777461010 (USA) QNET is already a member of the direct selling associations in other countries such as Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM), Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS), Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP) and Malaysian … Companies market all types of goods and services, including jewelry, cookware, nutritionals, cosmetics, housewares, energy and insurance, and much more. APLI provides protection to all its member companies, promotes healthy competition in the framework of the world system of free enterprise, and improves the public image of the direct selling industry and profession. What’s more, worldwide retail sales have shown a year on year increase of 1.4%, and the compound annual growth of the direct selling industry as a whole is 1.6%.