The potential payout is the total of the prizes of all winning combinations. It will be better if one combo can be used to counter another combo and such, or different combo for different content. combo list its email:pass or user:pass you use theme to crack account for any site's like origin or uplay or steam you just need config's for sentry mba or software thats all tools for cracking Sentry mba or software proxylist : https or socks 4/5 combos : email:pass oe user:pass configs : you well finde theme in basic configs . LINE, OVER/UNDER or POINT SPREAD. The total cost of the ticket is calculated by multiplying the wager by the number of combinations. With discard, counter and removal, this isn't a bad matchup on G1. This combo system actually seems fun to play with, but it becomes too stale. Archived. Ghave Combos Explained. Diona is one of the newest characters in Genshin Impact, following the game's recent 1.1 update.As a popular bartender at the Cat's Tail tavern, Diona's Cryo abilities can freeze enemies while also creating a Drunken Mist for AoE damage that heals allies at the same time. (if you're wondering about the turn 2 combo, it involves a turn 1 Emry, Lurker of the Loch, a turn 2 Kethis, the Hidden Hand and a great deal of lucky hits ) This baseline of a turn 3 combo, would make it modern viable, although it remains to be seen if this deck can effectively counter the hate cards and still win. QUESTION. Ghave Combos Explained. 17. Play carefully, but try to slam a threat with the right timing, because the longer goes the game, more likely they're going to win. I know how to get most going however maintaining them is the issue. Tappedout link below. Kiln Fiend has sweet synergy with Crash Through and can set up turn-3 kills against combo decks, but it’s relatively weak against decks with good blockers. Nowadays, it's always FCRaykel, FC Zeon, FCGariff, FCRudley + FCBathory 20% HP (Typical turtle type team in pvp) Posted by 2 years ago. QUESTION. Out: -1 Liliana, the Last Hope, -1 Enginereed Explosives, -1 Path to Exile Close. The key here is to counter their combo pieces: Urza, Thopter, Whir. Expand signature. You can win a prize, even if not all your predictions are correct. How to Play. Can someone please assist me by outlining the various combos in my Ghave deck. Side. There are obvious synergies but most of the combos in the deck are non intuitive.