Programming is not allowed online and must be done separately. Upvote (0) Views (2299) Followers (2) Write an Answer Register now or log … is the leading job site in the Middle East and North Africa, connecting job seekers with employers looking to hire. c. To determine that user ID and password controls are functioning, an auditor would most likely: attempt to sign on to the system using invalid user identifications and passwords. In an IT system, automated equipment controls or hardware controls are designed to: detect and control errors arising from the use of equipment. OpenOffice Adobe Acrobat Reader Safari Angry Birds Question 10 Points: 10 out of 10 True or false? to join your professional community. The highest account code in the system is 750. The audit procedure which is least useful in gathering evidence on significant computer processes is: Which of the following is not a benefit of using IT-based controls? Logic tests and completeness tests are examples of general controls. a) is stored completely on a web server instead of your hard drive b) does not need an internet connection c) is always free d) is installed by the computer manufacturer. Which of the following is not an application of sorted array? Which of the following is least likely to be used in obtaining an understanding of client general controls? Firewalls can protect company data and software programs. OST File Recovery Software Resolves Corrupted OST File? a) Commercial computing b) Priority Scheduling c) Discrete Mathematics d) Hash Tables. Question added by Emad Mohammed said abdalla , ERP & IT Software, operation general manager . Any Idea about Water Wall tube Boiler - Tube Rupture Repair method " Window Patching " . 0 Vote Up Vote Down. System software Question 9 Points: 10 out of 10 Which of the following would be considered an application software suite? C. Adobe Pagemaker. , AL DOHA Company Date Posted: 2014/11/24. Evaluate legitimacy of transaction data input. Word processors create text based documents. review of data for reasonableness by someone who knows what the output should look like. Output controls are not designed to assure that data generated by the computer are: used appropriately by employees in making decisions, Auditors usually obtain information about general and application controls through. Hasanuzzaman Hasan : 1 year ago . Solution(By Examveda Team) Red Hat Linux is one of the highly used Enterprise Operating System in the Linux Market. In android application … 15. System softwares are installed on the computer when operating system is installed. Windows 7 Which of the following statements is correct? Increasing the quality of the software, by better development methods, will affect the time needed for testing (the test phases) by: a) Reducing test time b) Increasing test time c) No change d) Can’t say. Old and new systems operating simultaneously in all locations is a test approach known as: When the client uses a computer but the auditor chooses to use only the non-IT segment of internal control to assess control risk, it is referred to as auditing around the computer. Which of the following activities would not be an appropriate candidate for automatic computer initialization? a . Parallel testing is used when old and new systems are operated simultaneously in all locations. Which of the following is a category of general controls? ______ tests determines that every field in a record has been completed. Android applications signed at the time _____. Which of the following is not an audit consideration in such an environment? B. Microsoft Office. An equipment failure causes system downtime. Many clients have outsourced the IT functions. Therefore, a risk exists that: erroneous processing can result in the accumulation of a great number of misstatements in a short period of time. Which of the following statements about general controls is not correct? Database software C . LANs link equipment within a single or small cluster of buildings and are used only for intracompany purposes. The objective of the computer audit technique known as the test data approach is to determine whether the client's computer programs can correctly process valid and invalid transactions. user interaction in them is very limited because . Parallel simulation is used primarily to test internal controls over the client's IT systems, whereas the test data approach is used primarily for substantive testing. If a control total were to be computed on each of the following data items, which would best be identified as a hash total for a payroll IT application? Lingeswaran Nagarajan : 4 years ago . Adobe Indesign , Adobe Illustrator, Page-Maker, Corel Draw. One common use of generalized audit software is to help the auditor identify weaknesses in the client's IT control procedures. Which of the following is not a risk to IT systems? Although basic application software programs may include multimedia features, the . Follow Which is not application software? General controls in smaller companies are usually less effective than in more complex IT environments. Over-reliance on computer-generated reports. A. before installed B. Separation of duties between computer programmer and operators. Which of the following is not an application control? "Auditing around the computer" is most appropriate when the client has not maintained detailed output or source documents in a form readable by humans. Ans: A. Terms of Use - Join The Discussion. Companies with non-complex IT environments often rely on microcomputers to perform accounting system functions. A. Which of the following statements related to application controls is correct? Inherent risk is often reduced in complex IT systems relative to less complex IT systems. traditional computer science departments at the university level focus on. True False Question 11. When IT programs or files can be accessed from terminals, users should be required to enter. Register now , AL DOHA Company, Answer added by Mohammed Shajiuddin, IT Manager , Date Anwarulloom Group Engineering college / AZ’S Graphics & Services. This set of software tools are most flexible and widely used. Computer programs must be available in English. Application controls vary across the IT system. Parallel testing is more expensive than pilot testing. Following are the software application types: Word Processing Software: Flexible Tool. Separation of duties between computer programmer and operators. One advantage of cloudware is that it is free. Which one of the following is not an application software package? The company buying the software has no control over the specifications, schedule, or evolution of the software C. The company that develops the software is not the intended audience D. All of the choices are correct. The effectiveness of manual controls depends solely on the competence of the personnel performing the controls. a. Bing b. Redhat Linux c. MS Office d. Adobe illustrator Please anyone help me....! Answer: Option A . One significant risk related to an automated environment is that auditors may ____ information provided by an information system. , AL DOHA Company, Answer added by Emad Mohammed said abdalla, ERP & IT Software, operation general manager . Auditors should evaluate general controls before evaluating application controls. A. A. they are accessed in a linear fashion. Application Software: 1. Operating Systems Computer Science. Which software Suitable For Magazine Design For Final Print ? application software and business processes. Which of the following is not applications software? © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. What tools do companies use to limit access to sensitive company data? Upvote (0) Views (4416) Followers (4) Write an Answer Register now or log in to answer. Manual controls replace automated controls. Internal control is ineffective when computer personnel: originate changes in customer master files. General controls include all of the following except: Predesigned formats, such as those used for audit documentation, can be created and saved using electronic spreadsheets and word processors.