The subwoofer takes care of the lows up to 200Hz, and the satellite speakers take care of the highs up to 20KHz. The speaker design looks excellent using a rock-like style that will blend in any environment. We have searched for the best options under $100 that will provide you powerful bass. The top of the subwoofer can withstand up to 350-pounds of pressure. Also, the audio device is super easy to set up due to the simple RCA inputs and outputs. The speakers are super easy to set up because they only require the cables to connect the amplifier. The subwoofer delivers 360-degree audio so that you’re fully immersed in the audio. The subwoofer uses a water-resistant enclosure so that you can use it in bad weather conditions. The high efficiency of the dual tweeter drivers output accurate highs, while the woofer drivers provide powerful lows. However, we recommend spending more since you‘ll get more features and a better-built subwoofer. We have also written a buying consideration section where you‘ll find a lot of useful information, which will help you select the best option. The built-in mounting holes and base flange provide fast installation. Therefore, you’ll be listening to music within a matter of minutes. The green design looks excellent and you have four more options to choose from for more personalization. 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,368. VIEW DETAILS. The drivers are well-built so that you won’t hear distortion at louder volumes. Connecting the cables is super easy thanks to the simple inputs. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Also, they are easy to set up due to the built-in inputs. Also, the speakers don’t come with long RCA cables, so you’ll need to purchase some separately. Without a subwoofer enclosure, the rear frequencies would cancel out the front frequencies, creating a muddled and dull sound. Furthermore, getting a premium amplifier is a must, but this can get pretty expensive so make sure you have enough money to invest. Each outdoor subwoofer has a mini-review so you can get an insight into the product. The enclosure is weather, cold, and heat resistant, which means it will last a long time. The Forza 10 Outdoor Subwoofer is an excellent option as it delivers ultra-loud audio due to the 300-watts of power. Get The subwoofers are weather-resistant, but too much water can still damage the drivers inside if they are soaked. The method you choose to connect to your newly purchased outdoor subwoofer is super important, as each option has its unique pros and cons. The 40-watts RMS ensures that the audio can get ultra-loud with no distortion due to the well-built drivers. Underneath are two rubber pads that hold the subwoofer up and prevents it from scratching surfaces. They provide impactful bass with little to no distortion due to the well-built drivers. You can take off the front grill to reveal the drivers and watch them work. The peak power is 200-watts, which means the audio can get ultra-loud when at full volume. The subwoofer is super easy to set up as all you need to do is insert the power cord. Therefore, going with a popular brand is ideal because you‘re almost guaranteed a competetive subwoofer. The speaker design looks great using white and black that goes well with all setups. To conclude, the Forza 10 Outdoor Subwoofer is a great option because it provides ultra-loud audio thanks to the 300-watts of power. The speaker is super easy to set up as it only requires a few RCA cables to connect to your stereo or amplifier. Subwoofers are the automatic choice to boost the bass and make it louder be it indoor party or outdoor adventures. The Definitive Technology AW6500 Outdoor Speaker is a great option as it provides intense bass thanks to the 6.5-inch woofer driver. The True 2.1 system outputs better-sounding audio compared to other options. The frequency response of 40 – 160Hz outputs an excellent amount of detail in the audio. This also means that you don’t need to worry about the subwoofer placement as the audio comes out from all sides. The speakers don’t have built-in Bluetooth so you can’t get wireless freedom with this option. Furthermore, the audio can get ultra-loud thanks to the 250-watts of peak power and 125-watt RMS. The speaker uses multiple technologies that enhance the audio output to sound crisper and clearer. The subwoofer requires no cables, which makes it easy to set up within a matter of minutes. The power output of 250-watts provides impactful bass that enhances the overall experience. You can do this by reading online reviews left by other customers and see what their experiences were like. Also, if you have any questions you can contact Monoprice customer support. The subwoofer brand is super important since not all brands produce high-quality products. Therefore, you’ll hear earth-shaking bass that increases the overall experience. Also, it has built-in mounts so that you can place them on any surface. The audio can get ultra-loud due to the 100-watts of power produced by the drivers. Therefore, you can leave it outdoors without any problems. The 250-watts of peak power means that the audio can get ultra-loud. The subwoofer and satellite speakers have a super durable design because of the waterproof enclosure. 95. The subwoofer provides 360-degree audio due to its unique design. The subwoofer’s enclosure limits distortion that leads to super-clear lows. The subwoofers don’t have built-in Bluetooth, which means you can’t connect wirelessly. The enclosure is UV treated and weather-resistant so that you can leave it outdoors without fear of it breaking. The laser-based Klipple measurement technology optimizes the woofer’s motor structure, voice coil alignment, and suspension for ultra-clear audio. It is built to survive wet and salty ocean and off-road environments. Earthquake Sound Granite-10D Outdoor Subwoofer, 12. With the right subwoofer enclosure, your favorite songs will never sound the same — and that’s a good thing. Also, with this option you can create a speaker system by purchasing all the audio parts of the system. When connected to an amp, you can adjust the amount of highs and lows you get, which means you can tune the audio to your preferences. That‘s because you don‘t want to spend your hard-earned money on a product that doesn‘t meet your standards. The OSD Audio OM-SUB200 Subwoofer is a brilliant option as it delivers ultra-powerful bass due to the 250-watts of power. $179.99 $64.95. Furthermore, accidental drops can damage the drivers inside. The wide frequency response of 40 – 160Hz means that you’ll hear a dynamic range of lows. Also, the speakers don’t have surround sound audio so you won’t be fully immersed in the audio. Also, you can wire multiple speakers to one device to create an audio system that will cover a large area.