Oddly enough the cooking chamber is perhaps the most “Special Feature” of the Orion cooker… Special Features. I was just givin a Orion cooker from a friend that was moving out of state. The Orion Cooker is a different take on the everyday grill. It comes with a variety of … The Orion is also a very good price, and you get your money back with all the meals that you choose to eat at home vs. going … He would always tell me it was a smoker, but I could never buy that cause it had no vents at all and the heat is outside the cooker… This cooking process couldn't be any … The Orion Cooker is a new, innovative outdoor convection cooker that uses 3 cooking processes simultaneously: convection, steam, and smoke (if desired). You add charcoal to the ring around the cooker … Each one measures in at 398 square inches. The large Orion cooker comes with three grilling grates. It’s made completely out of stainless steel. The Orion Cooker is a fancier and better version of an upside down trash can bbq (google it for some fun videos). It's a metal chamber with up to three levels for food. With the Orion cooker, you get smoker quality meat, for half of the cooking time. Orion Cooker, Any Reviews? The Orion Cooker Review Versatility, Flavour & Efficiency.