", " One of the best children's books out there. An excellent narrational voice. This and "Our Bodies Our Selves." As the Princess tells Curdie, "Sometimes you must believe without seeing." Don't forget the sequel The Princess & Curdie! ", " I tried reading "The Princess and Curdie" when I was in middle school (I think), and it was horrible. I read it to my boys and we are ever so thankful for the information about goblins. ", " What every children's story should be. LibriVox recordings are Public Domain in the USA. MacDonald was an influence on Tolkien and Lewis, etc. ", " This is an intresting fairy-tale - not your usual story. ", " First fantasy book I understood! ", " I loved it! You may view or remove these audiobooks on the shopping cart page. This book is beautiful and charming; perfectly written. ", " It was a cute fairytale. This is a great story. I love all George MacDonald's work too. Young Princess Irene is sent to the country to be raised in a half-farmhouse, half-castle located in the side of a mountain. ", " It was the first time I read a book by George MacDonald who is considered as the "master" for many well-known, great fantasy authors (J.R.R. ", " This is far and away the best "fairy tale" that I have ever read. Tolkien and C.S. Great read aloud with the kids. George MacDonald (1824–1905), Scottish children’s author and novelist, was educated at Aberdeen University before training as a Congregational minister. ", " I'm reading the Charming Classics edition. I can't believe I only just discovered it. : ) The goblin feet were amusing. One to read to the kids. Wikipedia Book - The Princess and the Goblin, The Princess and the Goblin is an enthralling fantasy tale written by George MacDonald. I think it would be a little scary for a kid! I was in the 6th grade when I read it, and I will never forget it. If I ever have a little girl, this is the book I will read to her. ", " Reading this one aloud to the kids (after reading it for the first time myself last year) - love MacDonald, love Curdie. Further more there is nuance here, in that the goblins are not entirely evil, are in fact an old and repressed race forced into the mountains by humans, where they grew over generations dark and ugly, though intelligent and in some aspects civil. ", " I had never read this classic and decided to buy it from a used bookstore. I did not trust the "great-great grandmother" the entire book - thinking she intended harm to the Princess. then you can read the sequel! ", " You know that a children's book is good when adults enjoy it. If you like Tolkien you will quiver with delight and dread over the beauty and darkness of this book. This children’s fantasy novel was originally published in 1872. ", " We listened to this on a road trip and it had us all engaged. Webs of meaning and beautiful story-telling. ", " This is another book I found on a list of fantasy classics that no one reads anymore... and they really should. 6209 Mid Rivers Mall Dr., Ste 303 • St. Peters, MO, 63304. I loved the movie growing up so i read the book. ", " This was a cute book. He published over fifty volumes of fiction, verse, children’s stories, and sermons but is remembered chiefly for his fairy stories, including The Princess and the Goblin (1872) and its sequel The Princess and Curdie (1873). ", " We loved this book. ", " This was a fun classic fairy tale complete with a little princess and "scary" goblins. The Princess and the Goblin is an enthralling fantasy tale written by George MacDonald. ", " Quite a good bedtime story book for reading to children. ", " Not my favorite tale, but I was engrossed enough to be highly annoyed when it ENDED in the middle of the freakin' story... one of these days, I will seek out book 2, but sheesh.