Released in 1984, its influence and incarnations within hip-hop rippled for decades. I was a huge record collector. His friends were among the first in the Zulu Nation. I had already heard part of the song already because my brother had some of the beat on a tape. [Verse 3] So the whole time they’re going back and forth over this tape. He was still in college. Well it's yours! Some musical rhythms can mess with your head (Hell yeah!) His voice and presence cut right through exploding 808s with an onslaught of vocabulary unheard of in 1984. He comes out swinging: “Commentating, illustrating, description giving, adjective expert, analyzing, surmising… musical myth-seeking people of the universe.” His eventual full length was called, T then had a near fatal brush with death in the 1994, a traumatic brain injury where he suffered massive loss of memory and motor skills. Louie cut really fast, but Jay was more fitting. Rick and Louie also hit it off because Louie was a drummer. And he hated hip-hop [laughs]. A young bull, a ferocious tastemaker who was on the forefront of it all, T’s foundational impact on the artform will never cease. I threw my clipboard into the air! Back then, you might hear Kurtis Blow or Run DMC occasionally on the radio but that was it. But my brother asked again and I decided to at least go meet Rick. We had been cool for a couple years already because I also rapped. I leave it up to you – it's yours! Jazzy Jay was my favorite DJ of all the DJs, and he was one of the DJs who would play at Negril. It's yours! On the microphone, gonna make you swoon Description giving, adjective expert Take us back to how you connected with Rick Rubin. Jay used the intro is a signature part of the song now. At that time, I had a DJ named Louie Lou. But K and Louie got in a huge heated argument over this demo tape. --> [T La Rock] [Chorus: Nas, Pete Rock] [PR] Whose world is this? What was Rick’s reaction to the sudden change? Back to the beat! You perhaps might hear it on Red Alert late at night or something. I remember because I first heard the song on the radio while I was at work. [Chorus] That’s what it is. What was it like when “It’s Yours” took off? Back then we would make pause tapes. Do you like it It was always considered an underground song but its influence has always felt much bigger. But after a brutal attack put him in a nursing home, he … Visionary producer Arthur Baker liked it so much he put it out through Partytime, a subsidiary of his existing label, Streetwise. There was a DJ named Tony Humphries who played it around noon when they’d do a master mix hour. I don't know – if it's true Now it's time to introduce Even up to this day, I am not sure if Jay did that on purpose because it sounds like he’s queuing it up. Kool Mo Dee was always around. You can hear them in the crowd participation part of the record. It’s not about using big words, it’s about having a big vocabulary. It probably sounded good so Rick left it in. Please support your favorite rap scholars by subscribing to Passion of the Weiss on Patreon. Taking a record that's already made That was my first time rapping professionally but I had been doing it way before. An incredible interview with T La Rock with the whole history of this song is at It was covered by the. What was his room like? & Rakim’s. And it was on during the daytime! Depending on moment or depth of bass Here, the lyrical king describes the colorful glory days from which everything came. I met Rick thru my younger brother, Special K, because Rick wanted to put out a record. This is obviously way before digital everything we have now. For context, we’re still a year away from LL’s debut and two years from Eric B. But K was already busy with his partners L.A. Sunshine and Kool Mo Dee. Originally he was talking about making a song with my younger brother. My brother was there and, remember, he spearheaded this whole connection to begin with. Tell us what important steps took place that led to the final recording. Rick knew DJs because it turns out he started out as a DJ himself and DJ’d for the Beastie Boys. Myth-seeking people of the universe, this is yours! “It’s Yours” is a glowing b-boy document if such extraordinary things truly exist. T then had a near fatal brush with death in the 1994, a traumatic brain injury where he suffered massive loss of memory and motor skills. His brother is Special K of pioneering group, Treacherous Three. Usually the reason for a very nice day T La Rock was one of the pioneers of hip-hop, an old-school legend sampled by Public Enemy and Nas. Please take a second to donate on Patreon! Listen to It's Yours by T La Rock Feat. Some musical rhythms can mess with your head, Common talk deserves to walk, the situation’s changed, Once lyrics are finished, the picture is done, Ego Trippin’ (Original 12" Version) by Ultramagnetic MC's (Ft. Ronnie T), Wise Guys by Terra Firma (Ft. Certified Wise), Dr. Nightmare's Medication Time by Pop Will Eat Itself, Parks & Recreation by Skyzoo (Ft. Saba Abraha), It Don't Stop (Hip Hop Classic) by Kris Kross, Adventures of Herman's Lust (Moe Love III) by Ultramagnetic MC's, Mileage by Playboi Carti (Ft. Chief Keef), There Is No Love Between Us Anymore by Pop Will Eat Itself, Gettin' Down at the Amphitheater by Common (Ft. De La Soul), Home Is Where the Hatred Is (Pieces of a Man Version). He’s since regained his mental strength and full health at age 60, and there’s even talk of an inspirational film based on his life being made. Is equivalent to the adjective “best” He’s since regained his mental strength and full health at age 60, and there’s even talk of an inspirational film based on his life being made. I don't really know, but somebody said Analyzing, surmising, musical People used to say that I used big words and they’re all wrong. It's Yours Lyrics: Commentating, illustrating / Description giving, adjective expert / Analyzing, surmising, musical / Myth-seeking people of the universe, this is yours! Well, this is an important party of the story. T L-A R-O-C-K Sign-in or Try it free for 3 months. Anyway, I knew who Jazzy Jay was because of the Bambaataa parties but I never walked up to him. All rights reserved. Which only occurs when the party is packed Rick says, “Oh it’s cool, I know someone who we can get to come in and do the scratches.” I say “Who?” and Rick goes, “DJ Jazzy Jay.” Of course I knew who Jay was. Computer programmed with just one finger No other MCs or La Rocks, no reverends or grandmasters, were even close to T La Rock in 1984. Everything’s fixed, just listen to the mix K said that I should take the tape home. And can only be thawed when the music is ignored It's yours! Listen to It's Yours (Pt. Like serious drummer, he studied it in school. I saw his Roland 808 in his dorm room.