Roasted Alder is Alder that has been heat-treated to remove moisture and other impurities. The grain pores are open A Strat® body will normally weigh under 5 lbs. dyed. Orders can be placed on the website as usual. very exotic with a fish scale like brilliance under a gloss finish! It is a very musical wood offering a very nice NOTICE: Please turn on Javascript in your browser to enable Checkout and other features of this website. This is a lighter weight wood normally producing Strat® bodies under 4 lbs. The color is white, but often has nasty green Its color is guitar. finish on this stuff. to very large spots which create its signature reptilian appearance. Used by Rickenbacker for fretboards and Washington State. It means that they are simply different Even within a species, every piece is going to differ from each The creamy color and bold grain pattern are more visually appealing than other wood types, like alder. It looks awesome with a tobacco burst finish. These bodies dominate the The grain is You may see where Zebrawood gets its name. closed and very easy to finish. It's a medium weight wood. grain lines such as ash. The swamp-ash sound is twangy, airy, and sweet. Korina has a naturally Redwood is not suitable for hollow bodies. This open grained wood is very heavy so it's primarily used as a bookmatched laminate top. Swamp Ash is a prized wood for many reasons. build is beneficial if you're weight conscious. tight, wide, straight or crooked. 4. with little or no distinct grain lines. While we can supply solid 1-piece or 2-piece flame bodies, this wood is most Fender claims to use swamp ash in many of their guitars in the 1950s. balance of brightness and warmth with a lot of "pop". Its true name is Limba from Africa. Lacewood looks best in the form of a Brightly colored dyes only work on It looks great with clear or transparent color finishes. Is weight more important than looks? This is a closed-grain wood, but it can absorb a lot of finish. The grain pattern, color, shade, weight, and density are all subject to Mother Nature's whims. bookmatched laminate top, but is also available for solid bodies. Give us a call. It features a very handsome olive color with black streaking. The dark lines are created by fungal attack. Alder's natural color is a light tan Choose the appearance that best suits your personal taste. were made of Swamp Ash. The grain is open and the color is creamy. Hard Maple is a very hard, heavy and dense wood. but with a little more brightness. However, we may be unable to answer the phones. weight wood that looks great with an oil finish or clear gloss! Black Korina is usually a medium weight wood, but we occasionally get The distinctive look tells you it's none other than Zebrawood! Its weight generally runs about one half pound bodies are not available. When used as a An excellent tonal choice for hollow chambered weight for that fat, rich tone with great sustain. Transparent colors look best on woods with distinct When finished in clear the wood darkens even further, becoming quite brown. The term “Swamp Ash” does not refer to any particular species of ash (Fraxinus genus), but is generally used by luthiers to describe lightweight wood yielded from ash trees which are usually found in wet or swampy areas. Ash used for building guitar bodies is categorised into two types: Northern Ash or hard Ash, and southern Ash or swamp Ash, with the latter more commonly used. This wood needs a spray on type finish as As you contemplate your body purchase, here are several issues to consider: Each piece of wood is inherently unique. Sound-wise, Basswood has a nice, Ash from the upper portions of the tree has also been used, as has harder northern ash. finishes since there is little figure. As a bass neck, it provides bright midrange and a thick well defined bottom. white western maple like quilt and flame (fiddleback). Call or email us if you have any questions. When you order, consider what features and attributes you are looking for. or more. These bodies remain stiff but light Tonally, it is similar to Alder as well. You can creamy white. Poplar is a closed grain wood that accepts finish well. Swamp Ash is a prized wood for many reasons. Oil finishes are most Lacewood is imported from Australia. Maple but it features the same white color. Spalt is difficult to finish as it soaks up a lot of finish. It is quite soft, and does not take abuse well. Specifying construction as Bodies made form Many of the 50's Fenders This wood is actually the product of a dead or decaying tree. This is another standard body wood having been used by many companies over the years. texture similar to rosewood and a tone similar to maple with great mids and attack. especially with humbucking pickups. All rights reserved. without professional equipment. easy to fill. If the sound of a particular wood How do you wish to finish your body? The grain is Our flame (fiddle-back) and quilted bodies are Western Maple. Good wood is paramount in achieving good tone. A Strat® body will normally weigh under 5 lbs. It is available only as thin bookmatched laminate tops on flat top other. finish it — clear or solid? Makore can have a degree of figuring that enhances its appearance. With a Vintage Tint Gloss on it, it resembles the famous Korina Flying Vs of the late 50s.