Mounting screws are included. Callaham 3 Slant Compensated Tele Saddles They are angled for correct intonation, the screws are shorter to keep them from cutting your hands, and there is … Callaham) sound brighter than carbon steel screws, at same dimension. Callaham 3 Enhanced Vintage Compensated Tele Saddles The Enhanced Vintage saddles to me is our best design. (Set of 3) Hand polished and buffed to ensure they are free of burrs that could cut strings. Use right- or left-handed! Positioning the bridge It's intonated about as best as can be with a three saddle bridge; no complaints. The unique "V Groove" design keeps the string in place, reducing string buzz and making maximum string … The unplated brass saddles have Allen-adjustable height and 2-5/32" (54.77mm) string spread. Custom saddles, including straight comp, 1/4 steel straight comp, 1950's straight comp, 1/4 steel, aged brass, and the Rutters broadcaster steel saddles. I have not tried Rutters brass saddles, but these are ~$50 on Rutters site. Callaham 3 Enhanced Vintage Compensated Tele Saddles. All Tele saddles, brass or carbon steel, with 4-40 screws sound brighter and tinier (less lows) than 6-32. Each saddle is reversible and can be used in any position. If you want to get real precise, I'd guess a 6-saddle bridge would be more appropriate. My '06 American Series has a modern 6-saddle bridge and the intonation is spot on for every string. Machined from billet stock. The Gotoh In-Tune compensated saddles look great on my MIM Fender '69 reissue Thinline Tele, way better then the stock steel ones, and the intonation is nicer with them. Chrome. I agree with Boris Bubbanov - Fender set on pic is excellent choice. Available in Aluminum, Brass and Steel. Stainless steel screws (e.g. If you are using string benders, it is the saddle we suggest. Diameter: 0.310" (7.87mm) String Spread: 2-1/8" (53.98mm) Set of 3 includes steel intonation screws and springs. It maintains the vintage look while eliminating the problem of the string moving on the saddle and altering string spacing. Gotoh's In-Tune saddles fit any vintage-style Tele bridge. I've got a Wilkinson bridge on my partscaster with the compensated brass saddles posted by LutherBurger. Just flip the saddle 180º for the 'D' and 'G' saddle. These saddles maintain the vintage look while eliminating the problem of the string moving on the saddle and altering string spacing. Asymmetrical design - no need for a special 'middle' saddle. This traditional chrome stamped-steel bridge fits a standard Tele ® pickup, and is designed for string mounting through the guitar body (use our Guitar String Ferrules).