We can also ensure that an appropriate sheet metal bend radius is utilized in the design process and that this bend radius can be achieved in the manufacturing processes. Lofted Sheet Metal - 'The bend radius is too big for this body' Question asked by Yousif Devlin on Jul 24, 2015 Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by naqibullah Mohammadullah I have sheet metal part saved as STEP files. Hi there, I need to generate a lofted sheet metal on an existing model. When I use "Convert to Sheet metal" it allow me to convert STEP file but I cant change the bending radius. Make sense? I'd like to adjust the radius used for the bends on my sheet metal part. By utilizing a SOLIDWORKS sheet metal gauge table, we can save time by eliminating the step of looking up sheet metal gauge values based on different materials. However, I don't want to make a global change to ALL the bends. In other words bends 1-3 would have a radius X, bends 4-5 would have radius Y and then bend 6 would have radius X. Recently, I need to re-modeling it as sheet metal part but with different bending radius than it is on STEP model. The lofted sheet metal (2mm thick) sits on the outside surface of the existing