Beautiful red wine petina stains on the inside, clean oak on the outside. Celtic Timber has the largest selection of oak barrels at the cheapest prices in the UK and probably in Europe with ex-wine, ex-whiskey and ex-sherry barrels in a variety of sizes, along with brand new Acacia/Chestnut barrels and Aspen/Alderwood barrels.. Used as barrel planters, decoration and water butts, our oak barrel kegs are also perfect for home brewing purposes. Small oak barrel for sale in 1-20 liter sizes, made from american white oak. Our Oak barrels are genuine made in the USA and top quality barrels for sale that are used for aging spirits. Whether your looking for French Oak Wine Barrels, American Oak Barrels, Hungarian Oak, or Re-Coopered Wine Barrels, The Vintner's Vault has what you're looking for! ANTIQUE small Oak wood whisky keg barrel bar decor wooden barrel orig. $75.88. Our Garbellotto Oak Casks come in almost any size starting 750 liters and larger. These Barrels are crafted from 1 inch thick American white oak Dimensions: 53 gallons, 36'' tall, 21'' dia. Small Wooden Barrel… The Oak staves thickness are 20 mm. SALE 59g French Oak Red Wine Barrel Staves. We have new whiskey and wine barrels for sale. SALE 53g Whiskey Barrel Staves, approx 30/barrel, 35 in long, 1.5-5 in wide, charred black on the inside. We are small Cooperage based in Brisbane. Our wood barrels are oak barrels from europe that come in many small sizes like 15 gallon and 25 gallons. These are not the cheap re-purposed oak barrels that don’t last and won’t give you the high quality end product spirit. We also have the barrel tools your winery will need and a full range of oak alternatives. Oak Barrels for sale – Made in the USA. Was: $94.85. Small Oak barrels from 1 liter to 5 liter are made from carved staves. If you are setting up a distillery or a hobbyist we supply across Australia to members of … Welcome to Craft Barrels Cooperage. > Small barrels > Vinegar barrel; Oak vinegar barrels - small barrel The Allary cooperage offers a range of vinegar barrels from 3L to 10L. $56.80 shipping. Small oak barrels are perfect for folks who want to try out the different aging processes and aging of different spirits using oak kegs.They are medium Charred or Toasted, and barrels up to 10 liter size come complete with a stand, a spigot and a bung. Get the best deals on small wooden barrel when you shop the largest online selection at red paint. We supply handcrafted American and French Oak Barrels of all sizes (2l-100l) and recently distillation equipment. Regular price $100.00 Sale price $85.00 Sale.