Daily Routine. Take your statins every day to keep your cholesterol levels down. Once the results of your cholesterol testing are ready, you will receive a report with the four indicators of the cholesterol levels expressed in mg/dl. When people talk about keeping their cholesterol down, they usually mean their total cholesterol level- the levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, ‘bad’ non-HDL cholesterol and levels of triglycerides (fatty substances that can contribute to the blockage of blood vessels). Statins can be offered to anyone with a 10-year cardiovascular risk of over 10%, according to The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines. This value should be below 5.0, and a value that is less than 3.5 is considered optimal. Cost. Risk for 100 people like you who do take statins on standard dose. Current Risk Select Risk Calculator. A few years ago, the guideline was 20%. The marked fields either require input or are out of range. After attention to lifestyle changes and statin therapy, non-statin drugs may be considered if you have high-risk with known ASCVD, diabetes, or very high LDL cholesterol values (≥190 mg/dL) and: Have side effects from statins that prevent you from getting to the optimal dose or are not able to take a statin … What should my cholesterol level be? This is except for atorvastatin and rosuvastatin which you can take at any time. The risk assessment calculator used in the 2013 guidelines is still recommended in the 2018 cholesterol guidelines, but they also recommend that clinicians talk to patients about factors that can increase their chances of heart disease and stroke, including smoking, weight, high blood sugar, and hypertension, as well as family history. If you take statins for five years and you are at higher risk, then you reduce the risk of a heart attack by 36%. Over 10 years 15 people will have a heart atack 85 people will have no heart attack 5 people will be saved from a heart attack by taking medicine. The two cholesterol ratios are: TC/ HDL where TC represents total cholesterol. There is no specific target cholesterol level. It’s still your decision whether to take statins. Last July, health watchdogs recommended that statins should be offered to around 17 million people – anyone estimated to have a 10 per cent chance of developing heart disease within a decade. Other Benefits. How to calculate cholesterol ratio? Take them at the same time every day. That’s because the liver is more active in making cholesterol at night. Side Effects. Your doctor or nurse might suggest you take your statins at night, before you go to bed.