I bought an original S6 spruce top a while ago and fell in love with the way it plays. These S6 dreadnaughts have a wide nut for a steel string, but not quite as wide as a … This is my second Seagull guitar. Outstanding one-owner (me) Seagull S6 Dreadnought purchased on 6-1-96. The Seagull S6 Spruce Sunburst GT (Gloss Top) is a very … Mahogany Wood: Spruce Wood: Compare with similar items. Headstock: You get Seagull… When I was a child, I used to dream about having a guitar and playing it. Then I grew up a bit and somehow … The combination of Spruce and Mahogany makes this a great guitar for either strumming or finger … Seagull uses high quality laminates and this particular laminate contributes to mellowing out the brightness of the spruce, which is a big reason why the sound is on the warmer side of bright. Product description This acoustic guitar has steel strings and a fairly wide fret board. But I was always told that I was too small for that and I would not be able to handle an instrument. This guitar sounds amazing!