Kynaios and Tiro actually do have a card: Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis was printed in Commander 2016. Golgari Jarad vod Savo is a Devkarin lich and the current guildmaster of the Golgari Swarm. Savra served as high priestess for the Devkarin elves for centuries as part of the Golgari Swarm, but her ambition led her to aligning with Szadek, who sought to take control over the whole of Ravnica. If I had to guess, Jeska would be red, and Kamahl would be green: this would let WOTC put at least some narrative pairs across two different colors. If you said ‘make wild predictions about what we want to see – or what we expect to see – in the set’, then congrats on being right! Partially due to their connection to one of the main characters of Magic, as well as the Nalaar’s role in regards to events within the Bolas Saga, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Pia and Kiran appear as a partner pair. Well, with Lyra becoming head of the Resistance after the death of her husband and presumed death of her daughter, but the comparison works better than I would’ve expected. Unfortunately, due to a still-ongoing leak, a good deal of the set is likely to be known by then. As the period from Battle for Zendikar (when the Gatewatch formed) to War of the Spark (when Bolas was seemingly slain) could be called the Bolas Saga, the period from the 1997 Weatherlight set to the 2001 Apocalypse set constitute what’s known as the Weatherlight Saga. Even though their marriage lasted fewer than six years, Myc's following childhood was divided in equal parts spent with his mother … In a bit of dark humor, this could be seen as the epitome of the guild’s focus on the interplay between life and death, different sections of the same unfolding cycle. Barrin – in both printings – and Rayne were printed printed as mono-blue so it’s likely that any cards they recieve will follow that pattern: Barrin as of the Phyrexian Invasion might be blue/red due to the rage and grief he felt from his wife’s passing, but in that case he is unlikely to be a Partner legend due to their mono-color focus for this set. Just as I phrased it for Gisa and Geralf: if Will isn’t blue and Rowan isn’t red, I’ll eat my decks. Ah, what’s better than consecutively ruling over a guild of life and (un)death? Prior to becoming the leader of the Golgari, she secretly served Szadek, who urged her to revive the necromantically preserved body of the parun Svogthir, who promptly attempted to kill her. ( Log Out /  The siblings seem to have partially mended bridges in wake of Emrakul’s corruption of Innistrad, seen working together to push back the Eldrazified hordes. If things were better than they are now, we’d still be launching spoiler season on the 26th – just over a week from now – and we’d be going in blind, ready with anticipation for whatever was revealed. Sengir, learning of his father’s evils and believing himself be a better ruler, ends up finding a young girl named Ravi whose parents died to the rats and teaches her how to control them, hoping to aim the girl and her controlled rats at Sengir’s father. Jeska has already been confirmed as a card in Commander Legends, one of the first two characters announced (alongside Baron Sengir), but it’s unknown whether or not Kamahl himself will also get a card. Beyond that, Tevesh Szat is one of Urza’s Nine Titans, and if printed will be the fourth of the nine to get a card, following Freyalise in Commander 2014, Lord Windgrace in Commander 2018, and Urza in Modern Horizons. Yelling about Magic: the Gathering to anyone who listens. Here’s to hoping you all have fun with the new set. Snapping out of it, Kamahl left the tribe again to try and find a cure for his sister; however, Jeska was kidnapped and brought to the Cabal Patriarch, who attempted to kill Jeska. A partner pair for Jiang Yanggu and Mowu, in addition to allowing them a bit of attention should they not be scheduled to return to the main story for a while, would allow for a bit of mechanical shenanigans by WOTC.