Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Saskia is all about creature combat. Legendary Soldier subtheme: I didn't just want a menial Soldier tribal theme for this deck – if any of my Soldiers were important, then all of them had to be important. Complete Comment Tutorial! In a deck with four colors, the benefits must outweigh the risks … Your creature is on a horse until it's dead. which I'm starting as of today, March 4th (or, "March Forth!" Saskia the Unyielding approves. Suggestions. Feeds | Would it hold a candle to other casual Commander decks? This deck uses goofy synergies and big dumb beaters to win ... or if not win at least take one player down with you. The deck tech as discussed below can be found here, courtesy of TappedOut. If you want to build a deck like this, regardless of theme, mana fixing is an absolute must. The Horsemanship mechanic used to be identical to Flying in every way before Reach was keyworded, except for the fact that creatures with Horsemanship are very, very scarce. Saskia is all about creature combat. DMCA requests | Contact | I've tried to get as many double damage effects as possible in her. In their downtime, Josh can be found painting models, playing Magic, or possibly preaching about the horrors and merits of anthropophagy. Unknown Cards like Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed, or Lu Bu, Master-at-Arms are fantastic in a deck that cares about attacking to the extent that Saskia does. Deck Tech Not the most exciting thing to write about in a deck tech, but it's always important to emphasize how vital these cards are for tribal builds. Josh Nelson is a Magic: The Gathering deckbuilding savant, a self-proclaimed scholar of all things Sweeney Todd, and, of course, a writer for Bleeding Cool. Spoiler Timeline. A lot of them focus on fulfilling toolbox roles, too, so this is just a fantastic card for that titular time of need. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander This site is unaffiliated. This Saskia deck is bursting at the seems with angels, giants, soldiers, ... Today, we are doing both a deck tech AND a deck gameplay on Brefin’s Intet the Dreamer! The other cool thing about a set rooted in real-world history is that the military is all Soldiers, solidifying our tribal theme! It's an uncommon card that costs roughly $80 USD right now because it's under-printed and has an ability that is unprecedented for its time and now, to boot. Time of Need: This is a pretty effective tutor in the deck, since nine out of ten times, our Legendary Creatures are Soldiers. She commands four … Posted below are some MTG Burgeoning YouTube videos detailing this Saskia the Unyielding EDH/Commander deck tech. As a consequence, most of these creatures are, quite frankly, unblockable by most creatures you'll see in a night of Commander play. Riding the Dilu Horse: This card is, in a word, ridiculous. Cards like Door of Destinies and Coat of Arms are all effective for your Soldiers, to that end. Gavony Township 's place in this deck is warranted due to its ability to slowly enhance our army. Gosh, Saskia hitting someone herself for 24, then the effect killing the Oloro deck for 192 felt pretty good! You can find them on Twitter at @Burning_Inquiry for all your burning inquiries. Had 1 game with 3 of them out. Copied to clipboard. One of the few colorless lands in the deck. This is how my Saskia deck is set to run. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Hello, loyal readers and any fans of Magic: The Gathering (or even just the Commander format)! Wow! Saskia human tribal. Updated Feb 28, 2019 by BlazinT using our MTG Deck Builder. She is in colors that all have a ton of Soldiers and to me, while the card mechanically screams "run Infect!" – aren't I witty?). twitter   facebook square   instagram, "Saskia the Unyielding" Deck Tech – "Magic: The Gathering", Revolutionary Girl Utena After the Revolution, Kendra The Vampire Slayer Gets Her Big Break – Again (Buffy #13 Spoilers), "Jeopardy" Host Alex Trebek Offers Health Update, One Year After Cancer Diagnosis [VIDEO], The Walking Dead Posts Thanksgiving Image We've Read Too Much Into, Psych: Dulé Hill, James Roday Rodriguez on Why They Keep Returning, Tom King: Batman and Catwoman F*** in Batman/Catwoman #1, Stephen King Sells Us on The Stand with 4 Words; New Key Art Released, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: In Praise of Some Sought-After Sorkin, Infinity War Celebrates the Birthday of Bruce Lee With New Statue, Power Book II: Ghost Preview: Tariq Plays a Deadly Game of Chess, The X-Men Moment We've All Been Waiting For in X-Men #15 [XH], A Green Lantern Ring Around Her Neck? Discord Server | Tribe-matters cards: It's always a given when you have a tribal deck that something is going to boost the tribe you're focusing on. Home » Games » "Saskia the Unyielding" Deck Tech – "Magic: The Gathering". Let us know! BRGW. Was Horsemanship a good or bad idea for Magic: The Gathering, in your eyes? Added some anti flying tech because of playgroup. Help | Saskia is all about creature combat. Will this deck reach our wildest dreams? Westvale Abbey : (From above). This deck uses goofy synergies and big dumb beaters to win ... or if not win at least take one player down with you. What do you think of the build? Any advice is welcome. Saskia the Unyielding is a merciless kind of aggro commander. Today, we will be taking a stark departure from the sort of coverage that my competitive deck tech overview for The Gitrog Monster did, and instead, we will be looking at a commander who is fairly more straightforward. This is MTG Burgeoning's original EDH/Commander deck tech of Saskia the Unyielding: We've got tokens, and we know how to use 'em! This deck tech will follow some other military-themed posts today for part of "March, March, March!" Today, we are going over a deck tech for Saskia the Unyielding, with a twist! How cool is that? Terms of Use | Deck Tech TappedOut.js Blog Widget. This deck uses goofy synergies and big dumb beaters to win ... or if not win at least take one player down with you. Attention! This deck is a little over $1200 USD to buy and play in real life, due to the sheer amount of creatures with Horsemanship, the fetch lands, and the other choice duals. and similar themes, I want to run Saskia in a deck that costs just a little bit more than a Bazaar of Baghdad: Soldier Tribal, with a Horsemanship subtheme. [[Saskia the Unyielding]] [[Havoc Festival]] [[Terminate]] [[Titanic Ultimatum]] My goal is to get Saskia out on the field and cards that either produce tokens or can get in a lot of damage real quick (preferably haste, trample, or both). Creatures with Horsemanship: Because the creatures of the renowned and under-printed Portal: Three Kingdoms expansion were existing in a world without actual fantasy-style magic, there had to be an analog to the evasion granted by the Flying keyword mechanic. In fact, they don't exist outside of this set! This annoying message will go away once you do. She commands four colors and is herself a Soldier creature. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. This site © 2020, LLC I built a Saskia deck not too long ago, but just looking at the cards made me feel like I was just rebuilding some other deck I already have except the Saskia version would be worse.