Mowats essay emphasizes Calibans significant role in The Tempest, by William Shakespeare. Home. Caliban is the monstrous child of the witch Sycorax in Shakespeare's play The Tempest. Caliban Quotes in The Tempest. The Role Of Caliban In Shakespeare's The Tempest. Show More . Overview of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' Prospero: Character Analysis of Shakespeare's 'Tempest' Protagonist 'The Tempest' Themes, Symbols, and Literary Devices. Calibans character, in relation to Prosperos, expresses the actual relations between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries of settlers and natives, Caliban being the native of the island, and Prospero, the settler. Because Prospero has conquered him, Caliban plots to murder Prospero in revenge. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ). The The Tempest quotes below are all either spoken by Caliban or refer to Caliban. Learn … 707 Words 3 Pages. Understanding Ariel in "The Tempest" Magic in 'The Tempest' Top 5 Female Villains in Shakespeare Plays. For a lot of critics, Caliban is symbolic of what happened to victims of European colonization in the centuries after Shakespeare wrote The Tempest. Prospero has enslaved him, and uses him as a servant. We think Virginia Mason Vaughan and Alden T. Vaughan do the best job of summing up this argument: Caliban stands for countless victims of European imperialism and colonization. Who is Caliban? The Role of Caliban in 'The Tempest' 'The Tempest' - Study Guide 'The Tempest' Quotes Explained. Caliban represents the black magic of his mother and initially appears bad, especially when judged by conventional civilized standards. What is Caliban's role in The Tempest? It is also almost an anagram of cannibal, Shakespeare probably based The Tempest on Montaigne’s essay “Of Cannibals”, and this makes Caliban easily associated with the ‘savage natives’ that the English were in the process of inflicting imperialism upon. In 1610-1611, William Shakespeare wrote The Tempest, a play about Prospero, a sorcerer plotting revenge to regain his rightful place after being robbed of his title, Duke of Milan, a prince of power, and forced into exile, with his daughter Miranda, to later find refuge on an isolated island. This representation is furthered when Trinculo talks about how Caliban would fetch a fortune back in Napals. Character's Roles Characters in works of literature often have greater and more symbolic roles than they seem to have if just looking at the surface reality.