They are warm and have plenty of sustain. . Still, theSE 245 guitar allows players to go from solos to chords easily, good enough to go as high as hard rock. PRS guitars are premium stuff, well over the triple-zero mark. For its target market - feisty rock players who are a few bpm short of being termed 'shredders' - this guitar really knocks it out of the park. It’s a “budget” PRS, though, because this is a brand that offers mostly premium instruments for the professional musician. The PRS SE 245 includes a professional combination of pickups and control knobs. The overall sound is punchy and dirty of both rhythm guitar and leading guitar. Fender guitars, however, are 24.5’’ long, which makes them tighter and more balanced for chords. PRS models are often hard to criticize, and the 245 is not an exception. A 'Fender-style' 25½ inches will theoretically feel tighter than the bend-tastic response of a 'Gibson- style' 24¾ inches. It's an expressive player, in other words, which sounds best when you sit back on the notes instead of brushing past them on a moronic race to the top frets. First off, the PRS SE 245 has PRS-branded tuning machines. PRS SE 245. They are also a great mix of metal amps. It’s a unique mix that’s both smooth and aggressive. The PRS SE 245 includes a professional combination of pickups and control knobs. This is a PRS, unique, and particular. Maybe the PRS brand got your attention. The PRS SE 245 is definitely one of the mid-priced electric guitars you can buy right now. It all feels very well made. Without getting bogged down in Les Paul comparisons, it has to be said that if you're in the market for a singlecut electric, the 245 is gunning for your wallet. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. As a self-taught guitar player and luthier, he managed to create one of the most passionate musical gear manufacturers in the industry in 1985. And by scale length, I mean the entire length of the vibrating part of the strings. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. PRS guitars are inspired by the Les Paul as most are have a single-cutaway plus an arched top. Great job, PRS. PRS SE 245. Overall, the neck feels very smooth, oily, and sharp free. Their, If you’re a beginner guitar player, maybe you can look at our, This guitar packs a pair of custom PRS 245 S. . What’s a surprise is how the 245 model can be as good as rivaling guitars selling for twice or trice the price. This model has certainly got its own vibe, and you won't hear that phrase too often in the £649 price bracket. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NEW Paul Reed Smith \\m/ Metal Serie… PRS is not another brand copying Gibson or Fender models. This is a mid-level perfection wearing two humbuckers and featuring a wide range of tones. It went above the traditional guitar size with a bulky 25’’ scale length. It’s a standard pickup configuration, the one we’ve seen on countless guitars. In particular, a wide neck enhances bendings, slides, and overall bluesy solos. It interacts great with things like reverb, chorus, flanger, or delay. Sounds like a pretty dry statistic of exclusive interest to guitar anoraks, but it's actually crucial to how a guitar handles. Nice work, Mr Smith. If you’re a beginner guitar player, maybe you can look at our best budget guitar lists instead. There’s a maple top on the body beveled with a flamed maple veneer. If that’s the case, let me share a couple of PRS guitars you could check as well. Another popular entry is the PRS SE Standard 24. However, these instruments are favored because of their stronger necks, tonewood choices, scale length, fretboard quality, control knobs, and sound. PRS guitars are expensive, professional, and versatile.