Neolithic Revolution = Domestication of plants and animals. answer choices . Divided into three periods: Paleolithic (or Old Stone Age), Mesolithic (or Middle Stone Age), and Neolithic (or New Stone Age), this era is marked by the use of … Neolithic Era. Students are to reference each cartoon and discuss with th Began about 3 million years ago. people moved around more to find food, shelter, and water. During the Paleolithic era, people’s main occupation was probably finding enough food to survive. Nomadic = Moving constantly, always following herds. Shelter Paleolithic Era Neolithic Era How did people acquire food? How did … Tags: Question 10 . Neolithic men and women become. What big change occurred between the Paleolithic and Neolithic Era? Food-hunting and gathering - bands searched in . SURVEY . This cartoon analysis project is designed to have students REALLY interact and engage to discuss paleolithic vs. neolithic societies. 60 seconds . Eventually, the Paleolithic culture had to undergo a transformation in order to sustain a longer, improved lifestyle, taking them out of the Stone Age and into the New Age, also known as the Neolithic Era. Dwellings: Ended 10,000 years ago. Paleolithic and Neolithic Compare/Contrast Chart. home territory - farming and herding - developed agriculture - less time getting food. less equal because men took the work for agriculture and women stayed in permanent shelters. I’ll go into more depth below with some examples so you can see what I’m talking about, but the most obvious difference in human development that affected art is that humans went from living a nomadic lifestyle, to developing agricultural societies and being able to … Basically, the Paleolithic era is when humans first discovered stone tools, and the Neolithic era is when humans started farming. Neolithic people lived during the New Stone Age, from 9000 to 8000 B.C. hunting and … Paleolithic vs. Neolithic : Paleolithic: Neolithic "paleo" = old "lithic" = stone "neo" = new "lithic" = stone Hunt or farm? equal. Their society was different from Paleolithic culture because they lived in settled communities, domesticated animals and cultivated crops. As they improved their society they developed skills like spinning, weaving and building, but they had less time for fine art like painting. In this lesson, QR codes and links to pre-historic man cartoons are provided for discussion and analysis. Paleolithic Era. Paleolithic men and women were. Paleolithic was. Paleolithic vs. Neolithic Life Graphic Organizer Directions: As you complete the activities about the Paleolithic Era, Neolithic Revolution, and Neolithic Era, complete the chart below. people stayed in one place to begin farming and corral animals. They hunted for … Q. Began in 8,000 BC.