Operating Room Nurse Job Description Template. 5. Nevertheless, due to the unpredictable nature of surgical workload in a trauma center, the charge nurse would still need to be constantly aware of the OR board status. Electronic alerts to changes in scheduling or equipment needs could be communicated to the charge nurses' and require their confirmation prior to OR board update. Table 1 . Coordinates/delegates and re-adjusts patient assignments * unit-based staff * float agency staff * assignment sheet/log completion * orientees 2. As a successful candidate, you will provide assistance and care for patients, supervise nursing staff, offer guidance and support, maintain a clean and safe working environment, and ensure that all operational tasks are completed efficiently and on time. Gopher Two registered nurses experienced in operating room procedure in another setting, observed the operating room charge nurse and collected data on 381 communication episodes. Occasionally, the charge nurse voluntarily disclosed the information on the communication. 76% of the communication episodes were between 30 and 60 seconds in duration. Moore Runciman Curhan An electronic representation of the OR board displayed on the hospital floors would decrease the need for phone communication with floor nurses. There was a significant relationship between the purpose of the communication and the mode chosen for that communication (Chi Square, p = .002). Cotev 9. The target persons of communication were most frequently OR nurses (37%), surgeons (17%), and floor nurses (13%). Fowkes The Charge Nurse occasionally moved away from her ‘desk’ to assess the progress of a surgery or to discuss room assignment face-to-face with the staff. We are seeking a motivated Charge Nurse with excellent leadership and communication skills. 3. . Verbalizes strategies to maintain a Service Excellence-oriented approach. Tombs In the absence of an existing close relationship, face-to-face communication provides the greatest rapport and cooperation between participants. Held Communication behaviors in clinical settings have been studied through observation, 9 self-report logs, 8–10 and ethnographic 13 methods. . . Operating Room Nurse job description. Dexter Is informal communication needed, wanted and supported? The primary goal of operating room coordination is to insure the prompt, safe, and effective care of surgical patients. Demonstrates mentoring ability when interacting with staff members. While a limited number of communication episodes were recorded in this portion of the study, we have demonstrated the usefulness of this methodology in practice. 8. Again, disseminated electronic displays of the OR board might be utilized to decrease this communication. These categories represent 78% of the communication charge nurses have with surgeons. The primary goal of operating room coordination is to insure the prompt, safe, and effective care of surgical patients. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a charge nurse. Description SHIFT: Days (rotating weekends) SCHEDULE: Full-time Do you have the career opportunities as an Operating Room Registered Nurse … Lieu N The Association of Operating Room Nurses … At each step in this process information is recorded on a large display board (12 ft by 4 ft). 7. Only patients experiencing traumatic injury are admitted to this hospital, and gain access through emergency medical service helicopters or ambulances. For example, 78% of communication with surgeons was to schedule or re-schedule surgery, while 50% of communications with floor nurses was to coordinate patient preparedness. The patients that are admitted to the OR may be from the trauma admitting area, hospital floor, or as previous patients admitted through the outpatient department for follow-up care. This Operating Room Nurse job description template is optimized for posting on online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company. Macario Biesky found that 37% of errors in a critical care unit were the result of verbal exchanges between nurses and physicians. 1, Magazine: Operating Room Charge Nurse Job Description. Maintains general overview of surgeons and their needs. Through an understanding of these practices technological applications will be designed to facilitate coordination of patient care and decrease the potential for human error.