Cards that refer to "your commander" instead refer to "your Oathbreaker". This can also be proved as she smiles and gets pumped up almost each time she enters a fight. Ready to sacrifice herself in order to defeat him, she managed to seal him. The MC has jokingly told Raelan that she likes the "close attention of giant, blue, muscular men". With Thar'akith's situation solved, nowhere to go and no powers, the MC ended up staying at the Magistracy, whom, according to her, pitied her, while healing from her wounds from the battle, and then decided to stay indefinitely, working as a cleaning lady. The MC tries often to joke around with her and Lea always responds by being cold. When Raelan asks him to keep an eye on the MC, finding it suspicious that she's his Court Mage, Argandea states that he’s more than happy to do so, showing to be appreciative of her. She also has a small mole beneath her mouth, on the left side, and tattoos that cover both of her arms entirely. The Signature Spell is subject to similar rules, but with two additional restrictions: It can only be cast while its owner's Oathbreaker is on the battlefield, and it always returns to the command zone upon resolution, overriding all other effects and rules, breaking the functionality of some abilities, such as buyback. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In that encounter he calls the MC “Nhara”, which is the feminine version of "Friend" or "Sibling". She has also jokingly said once that she loves it when Alwenn is practical, to which Alwenn offhandedly answered that she “wouldn’t know love if it hit her in the face”, startling the MC with her aggressivity. However, upon reaching him, Virion found the MC, a very powerful raging Warlock. Play in your browser. A free medieval fantasy otome game / visual novel. It's a respectful/formal way to call a woman you don't really know in Asmadi. She is a veteran Warlock who has lost her Surge. On the way, the sisters were attacked. She is seen most times in-game casting fire with two colors - red and blue. Although not much about their relationship is known, the MC and Gabriel seem to get along very well, as she calls him "Gabi" and he also has nicknames for her (Precious/Smiley/Sunshine, which change according to the personality the player chose, showing that he knows her well). The MC saw him as a “puppy”, for being cute, making him adquire that nickname from her part. Although Calywen and the MC never met each other personally, they both acknowledged the existence of the other. In turn, when Aila became fed up with MC's venemous remarks and spiteful demeanor, she would counter with an "I'm the favorite" card. She has refused many times to kill her however, Virion having offered twice to "deal with her problem". Calywen knew MC due to being told by Virion that she was a very strong Warlock, even stronger than him, and that he was enchanted by her. Also, deep down, they care about each other. Virion has stated that she doesn't "get easily terrified", to which she answered that without her Surge she's nothing, and so she is terrified. She routinely has difficulty falling asleep, and even given she succeeds, she is generally only able to achieve light sleep. Her goodwill is also shown when she commands Virion to hurt her badly instead of scaring the merchants that are needed for the alliance between the Peshka and Walinad, even if, as Virion has stated, she doesn't care about politics. She can also be a crook and a thief, as well as ruthless. It's normal for the MC to cuss other Divines, due to being a follower of Xiris. She has said that Elius teached her due to most texts about Xiris being in that language. After a couple of times of involuntarily calling Raelan by his name a couple of times, he tells her that it’s fine to call him by his name, and she starts to do so. Alwenn appears just as Vesryn leaves, and informs the MC that the Archmage, Aveus, is … Virion eventually developed feelings for the MC. She has strong fifth senses, as she seems to easily detect when she’s being spied on. It is stated many times by different characters that there seems to be something going on between the two of them, either by the way they seem close or by the way Virion looks at the MC. It was written by series co-creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, and directed by Daniel Sackheim, his directorial debut for the series.