– A walking foot machine usually eliminates the need to pin your material together, which is a painstaking process. Neither of the machines in the video is capable of doing any zig-zag. A co-worker used to call it the pickle foot because it kinda looks like a pickle fork–at least the long toe. Many circuits are only rated for 15 amps. If your machine doesn’t come with a factory manual, you should be able to find one pretty easily online or by calling the manufacturer directly. Sounds like a great machine that we may want to purchase at some point. It’s less accurate for me to describe it like this, it’s better to call it a controller. The portable machines have a much smaller neck and will be difficult to sew large sections of pleats and can cause trouble when sewing large seat covers. Benefits of a needle feed machine The athletic knit mesh fabric is AirKnit, though I don’t know if this is a tradename or if it is a fabric name. As you can see these are not the same as a zipper/piping foot that apparent some vendors sell to sew velvet. Everything from slippery light dress weights to piled fabrics (velvet, why I got it) and even garment weight leathers (walking foot machines used to sew heavier leathers are also needle feeds). Another important feature of the needle feed sewing machine is some of the optional components that can help to make the device easier for the operator. The machine noise is barely perceptible yet with the camera microphone so close, it is amplified. If it looks like it has been misused or sounds like something might be off, keep looking. These are new (to me), I haven’t worked in a facility where these were used as a matter of course. It wasn’t until we got home and in the process of editing that we learned how good the microphone was in that it picked up a lot of ambient noise. I’m confused by this. Feed dogs are one of the most popular options on the needle feed style of machine. Participate in this conversation via email, How to avoid trouble if using bamboo fabrics, http://www.corporatedepot.com/cgi-bin/cart/cart.pl?db=stuff.sewing-machine.dat&category=VELVET, Fashion Incubator » Beginner’s guide to sewing with industrial machines. It would be interesting to see it do a big zig-zag … the needle must really travel a lot, is there much vibration when sewing at high speed since it has 3-axis movement. Summary: Although, you can buy an attachment that will mount onto a domestic machine, just like you might mount a buttonholer. Straight stitching only. It’s exactly like a computer (it is a computer). And used machines? Make sure you’re buying a legitimate industrial grade walking foot machine. -When producing products commercially, you can’t afford to waste precious hours wasted by a machine that was not meant to sew multiple layers of heavy material. Do go through the manual to cover your bases making sure the machine has adequate oil etc. Basically, a walking foot sewing machine is a straight stitch machine that is specially designed to evenly feed in the materials (both the top and bottom pieces). [DH is setting up to shoot some videos here and I’m just killing time till he’s ready for me]. I wonder how she’d go on a needle-feed machine? Hello, anyone know if there is a needle-feed domestic or portable machine in existence? This is kind of like using a short cut key on your keyboard that you’ve programmed to do something. A walking foot sewing machine has a foot that looks like it’s walking as you sew. I think I paid $2,650 (from Orange County industrial sewing) plus shipping. You also have a small display board with buttons you can press to program stitch configuration (back stitch, hard or soft etc) and even short cut keys if you want to bypass it.