They found no one wants this crap and especially wants to hosts parties. If not, where can I go to get information on where MK products rate against other brands? And their products are decent quality compared to other MLMs. One of the most depressing evenings I have ever spent in my life was at a Mary Kay Cosmetics shopping party. Some looked happy. I loved that stuff. February 12, 2020 at 7:52 am 10 months ago But the company is debt free and their mantra is the golden rule!!!! The mascara is decent but that was mostly the wand they used. I did sell products but I loved their skin care, I still used it, and I wanted my family and friends to try it out to. Is OP a MK seller who is trying to convince us that MK is legit and not an MLM? The foundation is super streaky, the setting spray doesn't last and the eye shadow is meh. Thank you! MLMers don't like it, so that's another bonus. Beautypedia is run by Paula's Choice. I tried them a long time ago, and while there are a few things I liked, overall my opinion was "meh". Maybe it’s outside of the US? Lipstick (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The invite came from a … I've personally had many Mary Kay consultants purposefully point out my flaws in public to make a sale. From OP’s post, I got the impression they could be located in China. I was going to post a bad review on an item. They brainwash teams of women to strive for pathetic pink Cadillacs and dollar store rings and award ceremonies like “Princess Court” where you get awarded a sash on stage. The real money is in convincing others to become sales reps, not actually selling product. The primer and foundation sucked too. Well, that would explain why all PC products have a 5 star rating. It’s a great resource. I didn’t feel pressure to join, and I never pressured anyone. Check out, it is sadly full of many former Mary Kay consultants who were mentally and verbally abused by uplines and driven into debt all while being convinced that their husbands didnt want them to be successful thereby creating a rift in their marriages as well. Everyone at this point is both sufficiently smeared in Mary Kay high pigment products and frat party shitfaced, and this is when things went from normal strange to "I'm writing about this experience on the internet twenty years later" weird. It’s for people who don’t know better. x. Each brand score is calculated based on set of relevant criteria and displays company performance over time. It’s sad to see that other people had bad experiences with Mary Kay or a consultants. When I was a kid, my mom bought some Mary Kay off a neighbor who got into it. Start a new comparison . The foundation is super streaky, the setting spray doesn't last and the eye shadow is meh. When people see you with a mirror from them, they instantly think you have a middle class lifestyle. Go to to see what it is all about. Which makes sense to me. But I want to be left alone! To make any real money, you have to sign others up to sell. They operate under the same “pyramid” style that all the others do regardless of what they say. I used to "sell" Mary Kay. At the front of the room, a lady with teased blonde hair was commanding their attention and giving a very well-rehearsed speech about Mary Kay. Mary Kay is one of the originals (like AVON and Tupperware), and in the past, actually had good business models for the times that helped a lot of women make money. I am also working on becoming a MUA so it was nice teaching other women makeup techniques. The only thing I know is Mary Kay is a makeup company and my friends and almost everyone I know has at least one product from them. In a world where beauty brands come and go, Mary Kay is pretty much the O.G. Also commission checks to people who are higher up than you, never came from your money, it also came from the company. The amount of sales you have to make to afford a living wage is unobtainable for most. on the block. My understanding is that PC is reliable and accurate. They have now slipped into basic MLM pyramid scheme status. I would love to send a picture here when I come to work later. It’s priced very expensive. In fact, the top search results for Kay Augustine lead us to a person of the same name who serves as the School Climate Transformation Grant Director of the Iowa Department of Education.Augustine is the vendor behind Ka… I mean, who hasn’t heard about their custom-made pink Cadillacs? And yes, people here think Mary Kay is an expensive brand. I like the satin hands and satin lips. And kind of the point of MK to begin with. Oh, and you can buy it off amazon. 2.5. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They use predatory practices that feed on vulnerable women and use cult like tactics to keep them from leaving. I ran across Beautypedia. No. One word; frontloading. See 119 member reviews and photos. How are you gonna make money when people can buy your shit off amazon?! Mary Kay is one of the best-known beauty multi-level marketing companies in the world… And the most popular. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There, seated on an assortment of 80's-looking office furniture were ~12 women. I used their face wash for a while and it was nice. I also enjoy their satin hands scrub. There was one product I really liked. Can you provide proof of this please? Mascara- burns, and the formula is standard. We use cookies and other similar tools to help you discover what you love about Mary Kay. My skin is resilient when it comes to acne. Maybe She Needs the Truth. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. SS: When Mary Kay mentions in press releases that it had $3 billion in sales last year, they're only talking about wholesale orders, meaning Mary Kay consultants spent $3 billion on their products. Reddit; The 90% Buyback Guarantee. I literally had pimples all over my forehead for the first and last time in my whole life. The products are just so so. What is going on? Mary Kay. Or at least pretend to. The problem with any MLM isnt always the products but the unethical practices. But an investigative story in Harper's Magazine suggests the company's success comes at … how does the mk mascara wand differ from others, if i may ask?? 62 Comments Parsonsgreen. YOU CAN BUY IT ON AMAZON! And to add on, thats why the products are legitimately poor quality because they dont need to put money into making top of the line products (like the products we buy at retail stores) bc the ‘companies’ dont CARE about the products... they do the bare minimum so they have ‘something to sell’ to keep it ‘legal’. Its participants either build the pyramid taller, or get squashed by it. The mascara is decent but that was mostly the wand they used. But I never once had to put myself in debt to make money, and I was able to do what I wanted with my business. I was in it years and years ago and selling it outside of direct consultants was a HUGE no no. Mary Kay is an MLM just like any other. Watch me unbox the Spring 2019 Mary Kay Starter Kit and find out! The quality of the brushes absolutely disturbed me. What I am trying to ask is...can I trust these recommendations? It was this lotion that you put on and it gradually made you stop growing hair there and gave you a decent fake tan. You might as well buy from a real brand. I wouldn't know the quality of their products (I'm a guy and don't know a thing about makeup) however I would assume there are higher quality or lower priced comparable products out there sold through legitimate businesses. You can find super comparable things at a drug store. Not a fan of their products but I was just shocked. ), but also of constantly developing innovative new products. Ok I can answer this! I used to "sell" Mary Kay. Two friends both lost $1,800 each with this shill, simply so their recruiter could get her commission off of what they ordered. I really like their eye makeup remover, and their lip glosses stay put. I have a very good paying job that I don’t need to sell cosmetics to anyone or join MLMs to get extra cash.