Answer. September 15, 2009 A powerful lightning storm in Saturn's atmosphere that began in mid-January 2009 has become the solar system's longest continuously observed thunderstorm. What was the longest lightning storm ever? The two record-setting lightning flashes, one over Brazil that's the longest ever documented, and another over Argentina that persisted longer than any observed before. Longest lightning storm on Saturn breaks Solar System record 15 September 2009 Image of a lightning storm on Saturn. Wiki User Answered . Asked by Wiki User. Top Answer. Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute 15 16 17. (Credit: WMO) "These are extraordinary records from single lightning flash events," says the WMO's Randall Cerveny, quoted in a WMO release about the episodes. A powerful lightning storm in Saturn’s atmosphere that began in mid-January 2009 has become the Solar System’s longest continuously observed thunderstorm. 2011-03-16 17:17:50 2011-03-16 17:17:50. “It was the longest disappearance of the lightning in 104 years,” said Quiroga, who blamed a drought caused by 2009’s especially strong El Niño. It broke the … Catatumbo lightning (Spanish: Relámpago del Catatumbo) is an atmospheric phenomenon which occurs over the mouth of the Catatumbo River where it empties into Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.It originates from a mass of storm clouds at a height of more than 1 km, and occurs during 140 to 160 nights a year, 10 hours per day and up to 280 times per hour.