They can slow the opponent down in the first three turns of the game while we set up our combo, or if the game goes long they can help keep us alive and eventually protect a Polymorph from removal. It's absolutely their right to make that decision. I don’t know much about Vintage or the meta, but maybe Griselbrand and/or Sire Of Insanity would be a good addition to or replacement for Jin, for the reasons I previously mentioned. How many notches does my Dryad Arbor have? A surprise Disrupting Shoal can be game-ending, and we have plenty of costs to help counter 1- and 2-mana spells. ChannelFireball - Magic: The Gathering Strategy, Singles, Cards, Decks. Unless, they anger me of course. But I won all of the matches. [card]Khalni Garden[/card] is nice as it is a solid land that lets us smoothly [card]Polymorph[/card] on 4. Love the idea! I have a few suggestions to possibly make it a little more consistent: Given that it makes up the core of your build, I recommend going to a full 4x Fauna Shaman and 4x Commune with the Gods and cutting the two enchantments. So I think the power of the deck is in the player’s hands. You'll instead get more consistency on the best cards for your gameplan. [draft]forest[/draft]. I think there's an upside to this card existing in the format, even though I'd rather see it toned down a little. If we draw both Emrakuls we have nothing in our deck to Polymorph into. Unfortunately, I typically play Modern with my group so I wanted to essentially upgrade a Pioneer deck. Abrupt Decay is great at killing random permanents that slip through the counter web. I have 4 Forests! Or maybe even some lesser used ones like Hindering Light/Keep Safe or Hypnotic Sprite. by Goronagar, I'm Not Banned, You're Banned from Playing X Color I had never seen anything like it—because there had never been anything like it. I could see playing Dovin's Veto, Aether Gust, and Spell Pierce. Your opponents can't cast spells of the chosen color. 1 [card]Dreadship Reef[/card] Traditionally, Polymorph decks had to play cards that made tokens, Polymorph, cards to find Polymorph and cards that made tokens, and cards to interact. I’ve found myself making more mistakes than with any deck in recent memory, aside from maybe Complex Dredge. I would like to play 4, but I am uncomfortable playing more colorless lands with [card]Mutavault[/card] and [card]Khalni Garden[/card] in the deck. Thirst for Knowledge is excellent as an instant—it plays well with our 14 counterspells, unlike [card]See Beyond[/card] or [card]Compulsive Research[/card]. It's a fun build anyway so take my comments with a grain of salt! Finally, you might want to consider discard options that don't need to tap so you can do everything in one turn. Dreadship Reef can get there over a dozen turn game of counters and stalls. by Aether_Seawo1f, UB Reanimator Sacrifice Sakura-Tribe Elder. 1 [card]Wurmcoil Engine[/card] Polymorph into Emrakul is not a kill this turn. Probably less than a hundred. 1 [card]Iona, Shield of Emeria[/card] I like the mix, because each may be better in different situations. We play the full 8. This gives us another angle of attack—giant, robust creatures that are easy to cast and only particularly vulnerable to [card]Path to Exile[/card]. Most of my opponents wouldn’t know that an untapped fetchland on the third turn represented a fourth turn Emrakul, so for most game 1s I wouldn’t even have to worry about the fragility of the combo. It’s possible we should have the full set though. There isn’t anything bigger and scarier to [card]Polymorph[/card] into. Search for 4 [card]Hedron Crab[/card]s. Mill you for 48. Emrakul is the baddest guy on the planet. It intrudes on what's the most powerful right now, and I don't really see how that's a bad thing. by Jackfrost23, Captain Sisay Legends It's another thing to play around, just like you do with counterspells, boardwipes and carddraw denial. It was a creature! Despite having 0 instants, sorceries, artifacts, or enchantments, my Momir is still on the very upper end of the meta's power level. It isn’t even necessarily a kill next turn. The sideboard (like the main) is a work in progress. Hey Balaam, this looks awesome! But over the years I have thought about Dryad Arbor and all the surprises it has in store. Pro Tip! This is one of the most powerful cards in the deck and couldn’t be replaced by something like [card boseiju, who shelters all]Boseiju[/card]. For a 3 and 3 split. by Joshmann22, Halo: Breach It’s hard for me to evaluate how good the deck is because of how difficult it is to play. Can Leonin Shikari protect everything with Lightning Greaves? DMCA requests | Instead, a fun thing you might want to consider is running an Eldritch Evolution package. Does the opponent have a [card]Lightning Bolt[/card] or [card]Path to Exile[/card]? It also strikes me as a little win-more? That's a great suggestion because we effective way to lock out our opponent on turn 4. But, the deck as I originally envisioned it finally popped back into my head last week, and I put it together—to exciting results! 1 [card]Disfigure[/card] Can I get Iona to trigger twice in the same game? It's never been done this efficient, but shooting it down before it's released to see what the actual impact is, which was the purpose of this thread, is something I don't agree with. I started building this deck in my head while working as minimum wage, yellow-shirt event staff way back in 2010. Iona, Shield of Emeria is fantastic, but against multi-colored decks you are still exposed. Not only does it shut down our mana, but it can shut down our ability to Polymorph. TappedOut.js Blog Widget, I'm Not Banned, You're Banned from Playing X Color. Attack with everything! This week I was planning to write (brag) about how good I am at limited (not very) until tonight. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Counterspells seem like the way to go. Iona, Shield of Emeria [Zendikar] - Flying As Iona, Shield of Emeria enters the battlefield, choose a color. I would play cards like [card]Condescend[/card] and [card]Remand[/card] to slow the opponent down while digging through my deck. Sometimes things go wrong and [card]Dryad Arbor[/card] dies. Jump to. I took the new deck I built into the Modern Queues to record this week’s video, and something special happened.