It might seem weird to file an edge flat before trying to sharpen it, but it’s necessary. Sharpening an axe does not have to be time consuming, there are a few ways to expedite the process by adding a little power to your efforts. How to sharpen an axe with a stone is simple. A dremel is a more delicate alternative to a grinder. Sharpen your axe prior to any wood cutting session or at the beginning of fall or winter. It is not too difficult to do, the only trick you may have is how to hold the handle as you grind. The next step is to … Several sharpening belt machines are perfect for sharpening axes. Take, for instance, the Work Sharp Multi sharpener Ken Onion Edition and the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener. The axe or hatchet will be sharpened in the same manner. End of suggested clip. While it also can speed up the sharpening process, it’s a bit safer than a grinder. When it comes to axe sharpening, it’s all about angles. Tools needed to sharpen an axe are a file, a honing stone, and a strop. The Ken Onion Edition comes with sharpening belts with grain sizes 120, 220, 1000, 3000 and 6000. Start of suggested clip. 0:53. Axe-sharpening should not be only an annual event. Can I sharpen an AXE with a file? Axe-sharpening should not be only an annual event. 3:23. When cutting wood, frequently stop and run your finger along the edge of the axe to assess its sharpness. Before I can really sharpen it, I need to establish a new clean edge. How do you sharpen an AXE with a stone? Axe Sharpening Techniques. There is a risk of flying metal shards when doing this, so be sure to wear safety goggle to protect your eyes. How to Sharpen an Axe With a Grinder. How to Field Sharpen an Axe or Hatchet with a Puck Sharpening. With that being said, typical dremel heads are too weak for axe sharpening. The first step of the process is to clamp down the axe in … Sharpen an axe with a dremel. YouTube. I have a dremel myself and the urge to use it is strong, but I know the result would almost inevitably be an axe only fit for the scarpheap. Since this is a tricky process, it is a good idea to do a trial run with the Dremel and an old blade before you attempt to sharpen your kitchen knives. There are, of course, multiple other ways to sharpen your axe. Here is a wood splitter with an abused edge–big chips. People are usually using aluminum oxide grinding stones for this. Sharpening Technique. There are three power tools commonly used to sharpen an axe: A dremel tool, a belt sander and an angle grinder. The technique to sharpening an axe or a hatchet is similar to the one used to sharpen a lawnmower blade. Unfortunately, beginners tend to make plenty of mistakes, but with this guide, I’ll go over how to sharpen an axe with a stone the right way for the perfect edge. Getting the acute angle between the … Suggested clip 94 seconds.