Be sure that the entire surface and the outside of your aquarium is dry. dirttrackgirl_77. The temperature should be read … It shows more than one color at once. You have to keep the aquarium clean, ensure it has the proper salinity, be sure your fish have enough food (though not too much), maintain the right PH levels, and keep it at the right temperature. And do not expose a plugged heater to … Look to where the red line stops at. Step 2: Remove the strip from its packaging, and peel off the plastic from the back. The strip thermometer is simply not that accurate due to that heating and cooling the glass will take a will longer than the water inside your tank. Reading a glass thermometer is a helpful skill to learn. Unpackage the thermometer strip. Normally, the end of the thermometer is held with the fingertips of the right hand as shown in figure 2-1 A. Reading a glass thermometer. To read a mercury thermometer: 1.) How Do You Read An Aquarium Thermometer Strip? Having more than one thermometer in an aquarium set up is recommended in case one thermometer fails. Keeping fish healthy in an aquarium is no small task. Although many thermometers now have a digital reading, quite a few people have glass thermometers in their homes, and some facilities use glass thermometers in certain circumstances. A Holding the thermometer. If that’s the case, read the temperature tag on the middle sphere. ... a precise reading. How do I know the temperature? Items that you will need: Glass Cleaner; Lint-Free Towel; Flat Object or Old Credit Card . 0 0. Figure 2-1. Relevance. Place a glass or digital thermometer in water that is to place the thermometer in a glass filled with ice. Lv … 4 Answers. One should read mercury thermometer immediately after taking the temperature. 1. Read the temperature of the sphere floating in the middle of the tube if there is one. B Rotating the thermometer. If there are 3 colors, figure the middle one is closest to the actual temperature. Clean the outside of your aquarium and the spot where you will be putting your thermometer strip. Make sure that the surface is dry as well. C Reading the Fahrenheit thermometer. This procedure is discussed below. The little glass floating thermometers are much more accurate, and very inexpensive... about a buck or two. Next, you use the thermometer to stir for around 15 seconds. Reading the glass thermometer (that is, determining the temperature shown) is done by holding the thermometer horizontally by the stem end (the end opposite the bulb) at eye level and rotating the thermometer until the mercury in the shaft can be clearly seen. Temperature is an important factor that greatly affects the well-being of your fish. Step 1. The number where it stops at is the temperature in Celsius or Farenheit. How do u read a sticker thermometer on an aquarium? The thermometer should read 32F. In this video I will be talking about if we should use glass or Digital Thermometers. If you have a choice, it's better to use a thermometer without glass. Sometimes a cluster of spheres floats by the top of the tube, and a cluster sinks to the bottom, while one sphere hangs in the middle. Glass thermometers can break and cause the person injury, and some contain mercury, which is poisonous; ones containing mercury, in particular, are no longer recommended. Show More on How to Read a Glass Thermometer Step 1: Wipe down the outer glass of your fish tank, especially the section where you’ll adhere the strip. Make sure the wires don't touch the water. Step 2. Hi everyone I hope your enjoying Shawn's aquarium for all things fish tips and tricks! Glass thermometers were once common, but now various types of digital thermometers are more prevalent. 2.) Answer Save. Despite the fact that it’s a tiny piece of equipment, don’t underestimate the importance of an aquarium thermometer strip. Reading a Mercury Glass Thermometer properly is essential, both at home and hospital. How to read a fish tank thermometer strip? Are you confused as to how to read a fish tank thermometer strip? I have the kind of aquarium thermometer that sticks on the outside of the aquarium. Should I have more than one thermometer? In this article, we reveal how. How do you read a stick-on liquid crystal aquarium thermometer? I get how it works but it shows different colors and It shows them 2 at a time. The thermometer should be held at eye level to make reading easier. Accurate checking of body temperature is vital for determining course of treatment or medication. While there are a lot of thermometer options available for fish tanks, the adhesive, stick-on thermometer strips are the cheapest and … To set a heater, there should be a dial to control the heat.