Caitlin Clark Tried the banana peanut butter this morning and it’s delicious!! 7. 10 min. For the peach version of smoothie without yogurt I will give you two recipes, one without alcohol and the vegan rich: 1. Ingredients (2 persons) 2 peaches; 1 banana… … Smoothie for 2-3 persons. Delicious and healthy fresh strawberry banana smoothie without yogurt BUT with coconut milk. This delicious mixed berry smoothie recipe without yogurt … Takes about 5 minutes make this from scratch easily simple with a good blender (see suggestion in the post) and the banana strawberry smoothie … Preparation Time. 9. Everything needed to make a blueberry banana smoothie without using yogurt. It’s the perfect low-carb and naturally sweetened breakfast or snack with only three ingredients! Recipe: Alcohol-Free Peach Smoothie Without Yogurt. 8. My new favorite breakfast smoothie. Use smoothies for meal replacements . 30 minutes to an hour fun cardio while laughing so dance for me but just have a good time while being active! Prep time Ready in Yields; 10 min. A simple, refreshing banana- and yogurt-free mixed berry smoothie. Cut off eating 3 hours before bed . Ane Eik Never thought of putting cinnamon in my smoothies… Only with raw ingredients, thick and creamy and absolutely addictive! Kristjan Matthiasson.