Regardless of the cultivar, prune all dead stems after a hard winter. Back to basics - how to prune clematis. But in normal garden conditions, pruning of Clematis is a 'must'. However, as with many other shrubs, many clematis do not 'have' to be pruned. Your type 1 clematis may surprise you with late summer blooms, in that case do not prune the clematis after the late season blooms. When you should prune Clematis montana, Clematis armandi - the evergreen Clematis. Examples of type 1 clematis are atragene, montana, and evergreen clematis. This is generally May, but the golden rule is "immediately after flowering and only if you really have to" as clematis in this group really do not like severe pruning. Occasionally a Group 1 clematis outgrows its allotted space. Wait until the following spring after the main bloom period subsides. Always prune clematis when flowering is finished. Group 1. However, looking at all those stems tangled together can be intimidating. Once you understand the flowering habits of the type of clematis… The objectives in pruning clematis are to maximize flowering and to manage the size of the vine. If you prune clematis immediately after bloom time is finished, you won’t have to worry about removing next year’s flowers. life. Clematis queries came thick and fast in the wake of my advice on the pruning of Clematis montana. Prune clematis for shape at this time, removing up to one third of the plant, if needed. life, you need to do a special pruning. When this happens, you will need to cut out the offending shoots immediately after flowering. If you planted your Clematis last spring or fall, or if you've been growing Clematis without pruning it, please give it this first-year trim — it will make your Clematis more beautiful over its entire (long!) By identifying the group and following the instructions, the task will seem much less daunting. If you are going to prune clematis, then it needs to be carried out correctly. Pruning Type 2 Clematis Flowers How and When to Trim Clematis. How do you know what kind of pruning a clematis needs? The key to success is figuring out which of the three pruning groups your clematis belongs to. It is obviously not a Group 1 clematis, but you do need to ascertain whether it is a Group 2 or Group 3, as this will determine WHEN it is pruned and WHAT is pruned, and if you are a real officinado, HOW. Before You Prune Your New Clematis You aren't going to like this, but the first year of your Clematis's garden (or container!)