Your email address will not be published. Overview. If you haven’t considered transforming your presentations into videos, you might want to give it some thought. Another benefit of turning Powerpoint into a video is it is a great way to repurpose your content into another format. Simple as that! Video is quickly becoming a huge part of businesses’ digital marketing strategy. If you want to know how to turn a powerpoint presentation into a video, you’re not alone. To convert a PowerPoint presentation into a Word document, start by opening your PowerPoint presentation and clicking “File” in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Since webinars are usually an hour long, you can either choose to vaguely talk about many topics or speak about a single topic and dive deep into it. That’s why I always recommend that you get very specific when selecting a topic for your webinar. If your topic does not interest your potential audience, it is going to be really difficult for you to lure them into attending your webinar. This is a common question. We many times need to convert PowerPoint into videos that can be further applied for so many applications. Design PowerPoint Template. Advertisement. Free Development PowerPoint Template. Turn Your Presentation Into a Webinar. When you want to give a high-fidelity version of your presentation to colleagues or customers (either as an e-mail attachment, published to the web, on a CD or DVD), save it and let it play as a video. As you will see below, the process is quite simple, and the results can be impressive. The meeting and webinar platforms offer similar features and functionality but have some key differences. If you don’t need your chart to be editable just fix the text the way that you want. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. In case if you want to send some pictures to a friend who do not have installed PowerPoint in his device then you can send those pictures after converting them from PowerPoint to videos. That’s how you can save your Canva presentation into PowerPoint. In PowerPoint they might turn out like simple shapes, meaning they’re not considered charts anymore. Why turn your presentation into a video? But if you need real chart that you can easily edit, you have to make it again in PowerPoint. … Best Ways to Repurpose Your PowerPoint Presentation. Free PowerPoint Templates. Previous Post. PowerPoint 2010 saves your presentation as a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file. Share this post: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email WhatsApp. Meetings are designed to be a collaborative event where all parties can share, whereas webinars are designed so that the host and designated panelists can share and view-only attendees can watch the presentation. Colorful PowerPoint Template. However, if you turn it into a video it can be easily viewed by most people with an Internet connection.