It provides great hold and is flake free! Flaxseed hair Mask: 4. Using flaxseed gel is a great way to apply the benefits of flaxseed to your hair topically, AND to get amazing hold for your style! Just like when applied topically, eating flaxseed can help repair skin from … But they ALSO moisturize, strengthen, and protect hair. But if that weren’t enough, antioxidants also repair damaged hair follicles, prevent tissue corrosion, and keep your follicles healthy- creating a hospitable environment for new hair growth. HEALTHY SCALP. This page explains the flaxseed oil benefits for women. But they ALSO can decrease inflammation, and promote healthy hair growth. Customize Your Hot Oil Treatment With NaturAll, How to Care for Your Natural Hair This Winter. The gel may promote hair growth and also protect your hair against negative effects of pollution, dust, etc. Omega-3s also help soothe and nourish the scalp, and can help prevent scalp conditions like dandruff and itchy scalp. Not sure where to start? Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Flax seeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to be great for the skin and hair, as they keep them nourished and prevents hair drying, especially during winters. The B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C, and biotin in flaxseed oil even improves hair elasticity. Make sure you consult your dermatologist for advice on the quality and choice of ingredients you are using to prepare this hair growth gel. Newer Post →, Will you give me a step by step wash day routine using the flaxseed. Regular use of flax seeds helps in conditioning the scalp, keeping them soft and free of infection causing bacteria and free radicals. These  seeds are nutty in taste and if you are planning on eating the seeds, you would need to remove the outer shell. HOLD AND DEFINITION. 5. Makes Hair Smooth and Flowing. Excess of anything may do more harm instead of good, so make sure you practice moderation. If you have particularly dry scalp and dull, lifeless hair, apply the resulting gel to your hair every day, in order to keep your hair conditioned and healthy. The regular use, or even ingestion, of flax seeds, prevents issues like … Whether you apply flax oil to your scalp or incorporate flax into your diet, you’ll find a more moisturized, healthy scalp. Flaxseed contains lignans, which actually reduce risk of cancer! It’s also rich in protein and selenium, both of … Flaxseed hair mask is easy to make and gives you results comparable to a hair spa treatment in salons, given that you generally take care of your hair and a follow diet and beauty regimen that is healthy for your hair type. They improve elasticity and prevent breakage. Scalp treatment: 3. ELASTICITY. You can also work with flaxseeds by making a gel out of them. It provides great hold and is flake free! You can use flaxseed oil as a hair conditioner to get fine and manageable hair. Massage pure flaxseed into your scalp to stimulate follicles, soothe the scalp, and encourage growth. 1. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are widely consumed in numerous ways like salads, smoothies (flaxseed powder) or even raw or roasted. Dry, brittle, and damaged hair can be vastly improved by using home remedies, but there's no need to spend your own... Wintertime can definitely be one of the most challenging seasons for maintaining natural hair. NDTV Food  |  Updated: October 29, 2020 18:27 IST. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. It’s the source of linseed oil, which is used to make paints, soaps, and varnishes, as well as preserve wood. Omega-3 fatty acids nourish hair follicles for healthy hair growth. Eat flaxseed! Some studies have shown that omega 3 may help prevent hair loss and thinning of hair, as well as dry scalp and even dandruff. They improve elasticity and prevent breakage. Like most trendy products, flax has actually been cool for a long time. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Flaxseeds can be used to promote hair growth and improve the overall quality of hair and scalp in a number of ways. Moisturizes the scalp. Deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids can result in dry, brittle hair. Flaxseed is loaded with nutrients and ingredients that benefit natural hair, externally and internally. To the filtered gel, add some aloe vera gel or an essential oil of your choice. Using flaxseed gel is a great way to apply the benefits of flaxseed to your hair topically, AND to get amazing hold for your style! Ancient Egyptians made linens from the fiber. Flaxseed oil for dead ends: Gives skin a healthy glow. Flax seeds help condition your hair, making it smooth and manageable. Let the mixture come to a boil while stirring continuously. REPAIR AND GROWTH. But flaxseed isn’t just a health food or a baking ingredient. Although they have been getting a lot of traction for their health benefits lately - not many people know that flaxseeds are one of the earliest crops cultivated by humans. He wasn’t wrong- flaxseed is one of the best natural sources of omega-3 fats, lignans, and fiber. It helps improve circulation in the head, thus promoting hair growth and slowing down hair breakage. People are using flaxseed oil in their diets, ground flaxseed in baking products, and hens are even being fed flaxseed to produce omega eggs! A protein-deficient diet leads to weak, brittle hair. You can also buy flaxseed oil and apply it on your scalp and hair for a natural hair spa treatment. Flax is as versatile as it is “very useful.” There are so many ways to get the benefits of flax for your natural hair! Both consumption and topical application of flaxseeds may help improve the quality of your hair substantially. These compounds help prevent heart disease and they’re great for your brain! People who lack these necessary essential fatty acids may experience dry, brittle hair. This is why flaxseeds are found in a number of hair creams that you can buy from stores as well. Eat flaxseed! Rich In Vitamin E: Flaxseeds are rich in vitamin E, which is great for both skin and hair health. You will see the mixture thickening and a light white froth will begin to form in it. Black Friday Sale going on all week! Flax is an excellent source of protein, so inside and out, it will help maintain strong natural hair. If you incorporate flaxseed into your diet, not only does it benefit your hair, but you get all the health benefits as well! 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