If its fillets than the weber would probably be your best option. Best of all, you'll have an awesome tasting piece of fish. That means it is not dishwasher safe and could rust over time. This fish grill basket from grill pro comes withe a detachable handle and a non-stick finish for easy clean up. This makes the handle hot and difficult to pick up. That means you can cook a large piece of fish, several smaller pieces of fish, or even a bunch of shrimp in one go. Locking latch can be difficult to open and gets hot while on the grill. Summer is finally here and pretty soon it will be time to dust off the BBQ for another season of outdoor cookery and alfresco dining.Weather permitting..... Meat eaters are always well catered for at barbecues. Not only that, but the delicate sweet flesh of fish can easily break apart and disappear right before your eyes in a flurry of flakes through your grill on to the hot coals.So, if you want to avoid this particular culinary disaster than it's probably time to invest in a good fish grilling basket. While the wooden handle is just long enough to keep you a nice distance from the heat. Though not as widely available, enamel isn't a bad choice as a material for a grill basket. Long 11 inch (28 cm)  handle keeps your hands comfortably away from the heat. Good looking - The rosewood handle on this basket is just aesthetically pleasing. With 3 folding sections and a removable handle it collapses away neatly for easy storage and transport. Everyone wants to grill like a boss, but there’s no shame in using helpful tools like grilling baskets. All though they can be a little heavy, their really strong, and can tolerate the highest of temperatures. Sturdy sliding lock keeps the basket firmly closed. Like with the Jenify, the simple pattern on this basket makes it much easier to keep clean. Steaks, burgers, ribs, chicken and chops are all easy and hassle free to cook over coles.For pescetarians it's a different story.Cooking fish presents its own unique set of issues even when your indoors, baking in your oven, or frying on the stove top.Throw some open flames into the mix and the risk of over cooking, burning, leaving it raw in the middle, or just not quite getting it right multiply. Choosing the best fish grilling basket can be a daunting task. Place the basket over the grill. Their also the best looking of the lot and easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The thick wide set bars of the basket are durable and easy to clean. Your hands will be a good safe distance from the heat when tending to your fish. The fish in the middle will be overcooked while on the outside they'll be raw. Your fish will still soak up lots of flavor as it cools and rests and will still taste great. The three individual sections of this basket are arn't huge, which makes it difficult to grill a larger whole fish on the bone. Although it's nice that the handles add height from the grill grates, they are much harder to grip and since they're so close to the cooking surface you'll need heat protective gloves to do the job. Size - This thing is a whopper at 18 inches (46 cm) by 10.5 inches (27 cm.). With that unique smoky flavour and a moist succulent centre that you only get from cooking over red hot coals. In my experience, the most dangerous part of grilling fish is when your flipping it. Not designed for cooking delicate veggies like asparagus. If you plan or marinating your fish don't leave it swimming in oil before it hits the grill. Size - The basket space of this one is definitely roomy enough to hold a large whole fish. Cattlegrill Foldable BBQ Fish Grill Basket with 430 Stainless Steel, Outdoor use for Fish, Steak, Kebabs, Vegetables and Burger- Grill Set Includes: a Reusable Grill mat and a basting Brush. Great for grilling multiple whole fish at the same time. Any time I’m buying something new for the kitchen the first question I ask myself is... All through your grill basket will be all shiny and new when it arrives it won’t stay that way for long. Like stainless steel, it's strong, durable, and can withstand serious heat. Or if your dead set on an oil marinade think about adding more of it just as the fish comes off the grill. Before you buy, give a little bit of thought to what cuts of fish your most lightly to cook. The best fish grilling baskets should be durable, able to withstand high temperatures and be easy to use and clean (more on this in a minute). Having never used one though, I can’t really comment. If you don’t have a fish grill basket or the hassle of cleaning one after a long day on the BBQ doesn't appeal there are a few species of fish that can go on the grill without one. So, before you buy measure up and make sure you can get a good constant heat under all your fish at once. You can grill and flip your food — from bulky burgers to delicate vegetables — without the worry of them sticking to the grate and falling apart. So, here's a couple of tips to help avoid this ordeal, Of course, if you want to avoid all this and for a little peace of mind than go for a non-stick basket. Weber 6471 Original Stainless-Steel Fish Basket Weber designed the 6471 fish basket to fit their smaller Q 300 range. Here at Cockles n Mussels we hope you enjoy the products we recommend but we need to let you know that if you decide to purchase something through the links on this page we get a small commission. Once you’ve decided how many people you need to feed and on the size of your basket than the choice of which one to go for comes down to one simple factor. Points for easy cleanup. The Weber stainless steel grill basket is made from a flexible wire mesh that makes it ideal for grilling delicate food items like fish fillets. It also has three sections for adding veggies or other meat to the meal. Try to avoid baskets with a thin wire mesh. Weber 6471 Original Large Stainless Steel Fish Basket This stainless steel fish basket is the answer to all your grilled fish-related prayers. So try not to bang it about too much and for heaven's sake don't drop it. $18.69. The year 2, Smaller gatherings this year just *might* mean mor, This Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken has been a fave i. Having to prongs makes the basket easier to rest across a fire pit or other surface. Short wooden Handle about 6 inches (16 cm) in length. Very versatile, can be used in an oven or campfire. The basket space clocks in at 14.5 inches (37 cm) long and 5.5 inches (14 cm) wide. The thick wide set bars of the basket are durable and easy to clean. Place the basket over the grill. And if your cooking fillets this is probably the best fish grilling basket around. These cookies do not store any personal information. Best Fish Grilling Basket (5 Of The Hottest Rated & Reviewed). You'll find it easy to flip the fish over and move it around for even cooking. So its Ideal if your going camping. 1/4 inch thick at their thickest point, grill for approx. Another affordable entry, the Outset QC70 features wide-set wire prongs in place of a mesh or grid and has a rosewood handle. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Large enough to grill a whole fish up to 16 inches in length. Stainless steel is cheap for both manufacturer and consumer, it can withstand wear and tear, won't rust. You want to grill the fish for 10 minutes per inch, flipping halfway through. It helps keep the lights on round here.....Thanks. 2.5 – 3 minutes a side.