The optimum short pixie cut for thick hair is here! Texture and movement in this one are so hard not to notice. With the extra volume, this look is pulled off easily without the hair looking too flat, which is a sign that it’s not necessarily compatible with thinner tresses. It’s great for framing the face and looking chic, all at once. Add in some choppy layers for volume, and play up the face-framing flyaways for a soft and delicate look. One misconception about pixie cuts is that it has to be extremely short; on the contrary, they can be long – which functions great for thick hair. If you like a low maintenance hairstyle, have a haircut with fewer layers that are easier to smooth or curl. This haircut for thick hair has a 70s vibe to it! Featuring a cute short layered haircut that pairs well with blonde locks! Cindy has over 15 years of experience as a hair stylist and colorist in Las Vegas, NV. This cut goes from short in the back and transitions smoothly into a longer length at the front, which essentially does all the styling for you. Adding short and long … Ask for a layered trim from your stylist and leave the chair looking fabulous! This haircut is great for thick hair, as it naturally enhances volume and shape. It’s a great cut for women looking to add body and volume to their hair. The lob looks near-perfect with added texture and volume. If you were a teen in the ‘90s, I’m sure this haircut was on your favorites list. The nape part is neatly chopped, making it great to feel the breeze on the neck. To style your thick mane, spray with a really good long-lasting hairspray, put some beautiful make-up on to complement your waves, and you’re ready to walk the red carpet! When it comes to cutting your hair length, less is better when you wanna remove some weight off your thick white hair. The fusion of blonde balayage and wavy lob is always sensational. It is a misunderstanding that long hair is no longer an option when you are … Adding a bright blonde hue will boost the lively spirit of your new hairstyle. If your hair is too thick, get a haircut that removes weight. This chin length thick wavy hair is a loose, wearable graduated bob. Here’s a glam curled cut for thick hair to grant you some natural-looking beach waves. If you’re on the search for a straightforward hairstyle that requires very little styling but looks amazing on thick hair, the concave bob is a viable option. It’s chic and never goes out of style! This is a face-framing cut for women with thick stands and lots of layers for long hair. Imagine the uniqueness you can manifest with these long thick dreadlocks. It’s necessary to carve out lots of negative space so it’s easy to style. That way the tresses appear with more zest. Women are making a statement with the close-cut look; the half-shaved pixie is a contemporary way to stand out while still playing up the strengths of thick hair. A nice option for someone with thick tresses who wants to experiment with the short hair look but isn’t quite ready to commit is the faux bob. Your thick hair with curls and subtle bangs needs it to bring out a new life. One short style that’s easy and doesn’t require much fuss is the wavy hair pixie cut. The key to pulling off this cut is texture; use a volumizing spray for both longer or shorter versions of the bob for a flawless finish. It works way better on a straight mane, too. This look is incredibly striking, playing with volume in the back and a contrast with sleek length in the front. Hello, boss babe. Remove the bulkiness from your dense, brown locks by having some graduated layers. This color process – which is known to be quite a process and involve serious upkeep – is great for healthy, thicker hair. This short stacked bob is perfect for a certain density of hair. It has minimal layers to create a heavy look at the bottom but just enough to give it movement and bounce for girls with much thicker hair. It can be air dried or blown out and curled. The key to pulling off this cut is texture; use a volumizing spray for both longer or shorter versions of the bob for a flawless finish. The asymmetric pixie cut can be described as vivacious, unique, and trendy – right up the alley of a woman with short, thick hair to work with. The added layers are always helpful to ladies with thick hair. Take a step up! Thanks to the thick tresses, soft waves create that I-just-woke-up-but-look-fabulous, wind-swept effect, especially when any longer hairs are allowed to flow naturally in a single direction. This haircut is easy to style into long beachy waves or put up into a ponytail or braids. Layered A-line bob makes a great option when wanting to transform from long to short hair. The best layers for thick straight hair must offer natural-looking movement. One of the best short styles for thick hair is the classic pixie cut. Q&A with style creator, Leigh Rieley Hair Stylist @ Sense Studios in Washington, DC. Input your search keywords and press Enter. It thins out some of the bulk, giving dense tresses a much flattering shape. Instead of a traditional straight edge, consider adding wispy layers throughout the cut, with uneven lengths. For a youthful vibe, dimensional blonde is sure to revamp a shoulder-grazing cut like this. Get a trim every eight weeks to maintain the bounce in the layers. She started this website in 2005 and has influenced over 100 million people. It’s edgy, and you’ll be fond of it! Amp up your thick hair with long bangs and layers. A fun way variation is to add waves and texture, though it’s just as impactful when styled straight. The key to taming thick hair is to thin out the hair using the razor cut technique. 60 Classy Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thick Hair. If you have naturally thick hair, then ask your stylist for an undercut with your haircut. It’s the perfect haircut for girls considering haircuts for thick hair! No matter the density of your hair, you should have fun with styling. The best short haircuts for thick hair are layered and sassy. Length Is Still A Fortune. Either way, the result will be elegant! Here’s a collarbone-length layered cut that induces hair envy. Long layers with a slight face-frame are flattering on most hair types. Women considering haircuts for thick wavy hair  and need some sort of style, this ones for you. Don’t just pull off a common short and thick hairstyle. Embrace the fullness and simply take the weight out by adding lots of soft layering around the face and long layers through the back. A solid way to flounce your trendy look is by rocking a deep side part, with the undercut peeping out subtly underneath. This haircut has endless potential, and is seemingly universally flattering with just about any type of styling methods – if you feel like a model, try not to be surprised.