Using what you have learned about word order in main clauses, try and make some Dutch sentences yourself that follow the rules. There are 20 million native speakers of Dutch language that is spoken in The Netherlands, Belgium and Surinam. ← Back to all the products. Conjugate a Dutch Verb. Put the words in the correct order. Indirect clauses and conjunctions . English generally uses place before time, but Dutch cannot. Emotions (vocabulary) Level: A2. That is not surprising. in Dutch want ("for") is coordinating, but omdat ("because") is subordinating. In other West Germanic languages like German and Dutch, the word order after a subordinating conjunction is different from that in an independent clause, e.g. Top stories. Find out how it works with this PDF about the word order of Dutch adverbs. Level: A2. While many languages have a fixed sentence structure, Dutch has three! # word order# ER in Dutch# False friends# verbs# Lists# Geen or Niet in Dutch# Pronouns# Talking about the future # Te# Zou# Position verbs # prepostions# Particles ... Conjunctions and word order Level: A2. Don't use any capital letters! Correct word order in Dutch sentences; Correct word order in Dutch sentences. He's going to London tomorrow by train. Dutch word order requires Time - Manner - Place. Dutch is the national language of The Netherlands. jij hebt een mooi huis ik zie dat je een mooi huis hebt. Language: ... Or 's avonds? List of het-words Word Order in Subordinated Clauses Posted by heather on Feb 15, 2011 in Dutch Grammar, Dutch Language, Dutch Vocabulary Having covered word order in main clauses ( here and here ), it is time to move onto the word order in subordinated clauses. The structure of Dutch sentences is something that many people who learn Dutch struggle with. The indirect clause has a different order, particularly in the position of the verb. With exercises Huis or thuis? TDOA > Dutch with PDFs > Word order of adverbs. Hij gaat morgen met de trein naar Londen. In Dutch, word order is used to mark what role a clause plays with respect to the rest of the sentence. Languages, Dutch. With exercises Imperfectum Level: A2. ← Conjunctions; Dutch Index; Verb Meanings → Dutch Word Order . It's a Germanic language. Go on a search for sentences that contain the conjunctions en, maar, want or of and review the word order of each of the main clauses that the conjunction links together. 20 August 2018. door Regina Coeli. To download the Dutch mp3s, please purchase Dutch Language Tutorial. Fill in the infinitive. Word order of adverbs With explanations and exercises.