Dexter Russell Traditional 7" x 2 3/4" Chinese Chef's Knife Walnut Handle 08140 S5197W. $38.00. Compare. Choose Options. $52.20. $50.70. Dexter Russell … Dexter Russell SofGrip 8" x 3 1/4" Chinese Chef's Knife Yellow Handle 24533Y SG5888Y. Dexter Russell … Dexter Russell 6" Meat Cleaver Carbon Rosewood. Choose Options. A hole in the blade allows the user to hang the knife on a meat hook or butcher's belt. $48.00. Compare. You will see more information about each cleaver … Dexter Russell 6" Ham Boning Carbon Rosewood Flexible. Dexter Russell began making Chinese Cleavers pursuant to the demand created by Chinese … The Dexter S5288 08230 cleaver is ideal for cutting through thick slabs of meat and cartilage in grocery stores, butcher shops, and commercial kitchens. List Price: $44.40 Our Price: $32.95 High Carbon Stainless Steel The quality of these cleavers can't be beat for that price, made in the USA. $32.00. Dexter Russell 8.5" Offset Bread Deli - Traditional Wood. Dexter Russell Traditional 7" x 2" Chinese … ... Dexter Russell 8915 8" Chinese Chef's Knife w/ Walnut H... $34.25. $42.00. Dexter Russell 8" Chinese Cleaver - Carbon Steel. This comparison chart covers the basic elements of all 15 Chinese cleaver. Best Real Wood Handle: Dexter s5198 Chinese Cleaver “High carbon steel blade and real wood handle for an authentic, traditional feel.” Chinese Cleaver Comparison Chart 2020.