Das Keyboard 4 and Model S are made for both Windows and Mac computers. Windows VS Mac. Another feature I love on the Das … The Das Keyboard 4Q, as the name implies, combines the proven hardware design of the Das Keyboard 4 we know and love, while adding the smarts of the 5Q as well as per-key RGB … [help] DasKeyboard 4 (or Model S) stabilizer confusion So basically from other sources I'm hearing that DasKeyboard USED to use Costar stabilizers, but in 2012 moved to using Cherry stabilizers. Jetpil0t01 - Sunday, January 15, 2017 - link I have a Razer Blackwidow Tournament Stealth 2014 and a Das Keyboard 4C Pro TKL and the difference is entirely down to build quality. From other … No matter what operating system you have, you can type your filler text using one of these awesome … The Das Keyboard 4 not only adds a new textured matte finish aluminum top panel, which solves the fussy finish issues of the model S, but it also has some fancy multimedia controls.