1. An Alternate Pattern. Active Time 15 minutes. They're easy to sew, eco-friendly, and they last for years—plus you can make them in your own style. With an iron set on 3, I fused the pieces between sheets of parchment and used thick cardboard instead of wood. As well as being made from strong material, the custom tote bag is also water resistant so even if it gets dirty, it is machine washable which means you can reuse it over and over again. I also cut out the cereal name and kangaroo and placed them inside the window as well. 3. Chopstick or turning tool; Scissors; Sewing Clips; Sewing Pins ; Sewing machine; Optional: Rotary cutter and mat ; Instructions. Crocheted Produce Bag – Make your own produce bag and use it time and time again! It was too small, but I still wanted to keep it around to represent. Today, I’ll share with you three ways to make your own reusable shopping bag. Go green and save the planet with our reusable grocery bag! Materials. Waterproof Fabric ; Sew-on Velcro; Ribbon ; Thread; Tools. You will love having this bag on hand when grocery shopping. Total Time 15 minutes. With this t-shirt bag, you can use an old t-shirt and you don’t have to spend even one dollar on buying a reusable bag from the store. More by the author: About: Texas State Democratic Executive Committeewoman, SD31 More About compwalla » I've seen a lot of tutorials for grocery totes and bags and the like but I never found one that I thought was easy enough for someone like me to follow. Estimated Cost $2.00. Green Shopper Grocery Bag – This one-of-a-kind bag stretches to accommodate all of your groceries. For images of this pattern, click here. With this tutorial, you can make your own reusable snack bags to use over and over! Customize it with your favorite text, image or design and do your bit for Mother Earth! 2. Instead of choosing paper or plastic next time you're shopping, use your own DIY cloth grocery bags. I placed pieces of a Steve & Barry's bag to fill on the clear window on the cereal bags and to make the bottom (with about 3 layers of the walmart bag btwn two pieces of S&B bag). Reusable Grocery Totes . Made with a lightweight polyester fabric, this bag folds easily to fit in your purse or pocket. I had this old shirt in my closet. By compwalla Follow. No-Sew T-Shirt Bag. Difficulty Easy. Lethbridge.ca/wrs Curbside.lethbridge.ca Crafty Waste Reduction Make your own reusable bag (no-sew) Difficulty level: Easy (some adult assistance required) Reusable Grocery Bags. The custom reusable bag is made from high quality taffeta polyester, making it a hardwearing and long lasting bag, preventing plastic bag waste. Never again will you need to use those unsightly plastic bags. Keep in mind that this is only one way to make this DIY project. Introduction: Make Your Own Grocery Bag. That is all you have to do to make your own reusable sandwich bags. For a thicker homemade snack bag, you will need two pieces of outer fabric that measure 8 3/4 inches by 7 1/4 and two pieces of inner or liner fabric with the same dimensions. Dimensions: 12" l x 5" w x 16" h ; Made with lightweight polyester fabric; Folds up with snap closure