In plain english but with an amazing understanding of anatomy physiology. Hi bodyweightfitness. Here is a PDF summary of Convict Conditioning. Routine: Mondays 27 adding bodyweight into a regular weights program 28 prison cardio 28 diet and prison training 29 miscellaneous topics convict conditioningand kettlebells 30 convict conditioningvs gymnastics 31 pushup handles. Convict Conditioning Author : Paul Wade ISBN : 1942812159 Genre : Bodybuilding File Size : 78. Convict Conditioning Flow Chart + Exercise List. 90 MB Format : PDF, Kindle Download : 653 Read : 707 Get This Book Also check out the Convict Conditioning Exercises Image. I'm not much of a poster, but shaf, I'm enough of a lurker to know that you are a somebody in the online strength fraternity. There is a Convict Conditioning youtube channel now. Convict Conditioning - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. 23 votes, 23 comments. Here are my stats: Before: 5'6" 105 pounds (around) around 10% BF. - September 7, 2013; Prison Day 5: Convict Conditioning – The Bridge (Bulletproof Your Spine) - October 1, 2014; Prison Day 6: Convict Conditioning: Handstand Pushups – Healthy and Powerful Shoulders - October 20, 2014 Discussion of physical fitness/exercise goals and how they can be achieved Coach paul wade has outdone himself. Also available as single images here. Convict Conditioning ConvCond II is supposedly coming this year. Now: 5'6" 126 pounds (My heaviest was 135 pounds but I was close to 20% BF back then) around 14% BF. 7.8m members in the Fitness community. I've been doing Convict Conditioning for 2 1/2 years now and I've had gains and progress but it is mediocre for someone lifting for that long. Prison Day 4: Convict Conditioning, Leg Raises and How to get a Six Pack From Hell! Convict Conditioning Summary Cheat Sheet. Convict conditioning 2 pdf. December 3, 2011 By Gregor Winter 6 Comments. Convict Conditioning is one of those books you buy, and if you hate it, you need to return it to Dragondoor.