The angelfish are now 3-4 inches diameter. I've not really noticed any fin nipping behavior thus far. One thing to keep in consideration when keeping neon tetras and angelfish together is to add the neon tetras when they reach their adult size (about 1.2-1.4 inches / 3.5 cm) – otherwise they might get eaten by the angelfish. We had a plecs with our angels and came home one day and it had kill all of our angels. Because of their size, they can be housed with larger cichlids like Severums, Angelfish, and Chocolate Cichlids, as well as smaller species like Apistogramma or Pelvicachromis. Black skirt Tetra live very well with Angel fish i have 3 Angels all adults and 10 black skirt Tetra and have never been attacked or been the attackers. scitt February 12, 2017 at 1:27 am. Angelfish and neon tetras have very similar requirements in terms of water parameters and feeding requirements. Reply. I'm sure I've read the same somewhere about boesemani rainbowfish aswell In one of my lfs they've got a big display tank with Congo tetra, boesemani rainbowfish, angelfish and clown loaches. Females remain mostly gray with a blue-green sheen. They prefer to swim in schools of 5-8 in an aquarium that has plenty of room. The Serpae's mostly keep to themselves. It is best if this fish is the dominant species in the tank or it may become shy and reclusive. Congo Tetras do well in a peaceful community aquarium that is well lit and moderately planted. A lot of places on the Internet, including aqua adviser state that Congo tetra will fin nip angelfish. Remarks: Congo Tetras come from West Africa and grow to be fairly large for a tetra.Males have more color and longer fins. They've been together about 4-6 weeks. Just as an update, I did put 4 more black veiled angelfish in my 125 gallon with my 20+ Serpae tetras and 6 Congo tetras and everyone seems to be getting along OK.