Model #1401 fits Pro Series #1300 and #1400 Smokers. Cold smoke plate Could someone please tell me What the dimensions of the cold plate for a 1460 model are ? This stainless steel baffle adapts your Cookshack smoker to an excellent cold-smoking … When you see good smoke … Item#1501 Cold Smoke Plate … leave the door open and crank the heat. Perfect for when you want the smoked flavor but not the heat. Continuous smoke when cold smoking or hot smoking up to 275˚F Ideal for smoking cheese, fish, bacon, and jerky Automatically heats wood chips with the push of a button Continuous wood feed system provides up to 6 hours of continuous smoke … 11-11 … Butcher & Packer Cold Smoke Plate [PA024] - Cold-smoke cheese, salmon, duck breasts, steaks to finish on the grill, vegetables and more. I work in a metal shop and can make my own vs tossing 100 bucks away. Put chips in the smoker box, inserted cold smoke plate, placed tray of ice on top of plate, closed the door, set temp to 125 and let it run for 15 minutes, about long enough for smoke to have … Create great smoked flavor in cheeses, pasta, salads and vegetables, with our cold smoke plate. Loose the cold smoke plate and run the smoker at 100. Start with chips, or small pencil size strips of wood in the fire box. Makes wonderful smoked salsa!