It wasn't Clematis wilt. The root ball was just being drowned in water for some reason (the soil/pot may not have been draining well). ... but by the end of June the leaves are dying from the bottom. Note that my Clematis died all the way down to the root ball in the Spring after flowering. Use fungicide on the roots and cut off all of the dead parts. Leaves and flowers developed above 4'. I have three beautiful clematis that grow up and over a large trellis. ... No, it’s wilt. 1) Dug the root ball out and cleaned it up (cut up pieces that looked dead until I got to the white part). The problem is as soon as they get to their best they start dying from the bottom up. In Spring/Summer If the plant is very brown, cut it back to about 18 inches from the base this will encourage fresh new growth to … They grow well and are covered with buds and flowers every year. Clematis are very thirsty plants so give them plenty of water. The bottom 4' of my clematis is very woody. You could try the fingernail test (gently rub the bark near the bottom with your fingernail, if the bark is green it's alive) , but l am not a clematis expert. To be honest, @theluciblack, at this time of year most clematis look like a load of dead twigs.I think the one in the top photos has possible signs of life. The leaves turn yellow then brown, at which point they start to fall off. it looks like dead branch. Can I do something about it? Clematis wilt is a common problem when growing clematis, especially with the fancier hybrids which have less resistance.