Open your Command Prompt outside Windows (see the previous fix for step-by-step instructions). There are always some ways, no matter how difficult or abstract your situation might seem to be. Step 6: Set a new BitLocker password and type it again to confirm it. Please see our. How to Disable Bitlocker if you Cannot login to Windows. This means you should scan your system for threats and invaders and eliminate them as soon as possible. In the Power Options window, click Choose what the power button does. What if BitLocker does not prompt for a password in Windows 10? So download and install Passware Kit Forensics 64-Bit which download Link is present at the beginning of the article. Here is what you should do: After updating the system, encrypt your hard drive with BitLocker and see how things go. Thus, BitLocker users often report the following problems: The good news is, we have drawn up a list of proven and easy-to-implement tips on how to eliminate the problems described above and get your BitLocker in tip-top shape. It is common knowledge that you should keep your data safe from prying eyes. Open an elevated command prompt window: type cmd into Search, press Enter, locate Command Prompt, right-click it, and select Run as administrator. Click on Check for updates. Strange as it may seem, this trick actually worked for many users, so it is certainly worth a try. So, we advise extreme caution. Select Manage BitLocker from the list of results. Yes I have TPM. After the setup of bitlocker and saving the recovery key in plaintext in a USB, there was a checkbot saying if i wanted to check the recovery key is working on the first startup of windows, i mantained it checked. You should disable BitLocker after updating your BIOS and re-enable it to see if your issue has gone. ... by right-clicking on your domain in Active Directory Users and Computers and clicking on Find BitLocker Recovery Password. For instance, we advise using Auslogics Anti-Malware: this software creates an environment where malware cannot exist. Suspend BitLocker: open the Search app, tap in BitLocker, hit Enter, then select Manage BitLocker, and click Suspend protection. I hope you have gotten something from this article and I hope that this should Click on the Windows logo icon to open the Start menu. Navigate to the Related settings section and select Additional power settings. average: 5.00 out of Select Change settings that are currently unavailable. Update your system: open the Settings app (press the Windows logo key + I shortcut), select Update & Security and click Check for updates. How to fix “Can’t Record Right Now, Try Again Later?”. Windows is a personal computer operating system released by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. You can try to work around the BitLocker password prompt screen problem on Windows 10 by enabling the legacy Windows 7 boot menu: Although now your screen might seem less appealing, BitLocker screen issues should be here no more. I have installed Bitlocker on all the “typical” laptops without any problems, except for one that gave the orange screen of death but I was able to fix it and now is also working without problems. Get exclusive deal alerts, helpful tips and software release news , Rate, Share it or subscribe to our newsletter, Stories from Auslogics, a connected space for product teams , All personal data you provide to us is handled in accordance with applicable laws, including the European GDPR. The missing update will be reinstalled on your computer. If you encrypt your Windows system drive with BitLocker, you can add a PIN for additional security.You’ll need to enter the PIN each time you turn on your PC, before Windows will even start. Make sure to follow them carefully – you can damage your computer otherwise. For instance, one of the updates you have recently installed on your PC might be behind your BitLocker nuisance. Make sure to opt for a product that is up to date, trustworthy and powerful. Then, click Finish option to start the operation. Very possible its a 1903 issue. 3. Step 5: Right-click the unlocked BitLocker drive and select Change Password option. Ad blockers may interfere with some important blog features, such as comments, images, etc.