Perfect pan fried Cottage Fries, and simply delicious and easy!! You’re welcome. Also called, simply, oven-baked potato rounds, these fries are about as simple as it gets, but still incredibly delicious. Matchstick/Shoestring Fries. so good.....make the parmesan mostly. 9. Any of it. Email. Print your own Art of Doing Stuff Bookmark; Tough Mudder Toronto A Lesson in Business; 48 Comments. I will wear this recipe out it’s so good and simple!! Today, though, we’re resurrecting a oft-forgotten version, with the help of Food Wishes: cottage fries! The recipe began as a way to use leftover potatoes, but it has become a staple of diner breakfasts all across America. Even if you can't be a professional chef, you can at least talk like one with this vocabulary quiz. This ultimate comfort food is called by various names, depending on where you live. Home › Food › COTTAGE FRIES. Homemade Frozen French Fries. Cottage fries definition, home fries. This was done much quicker, and tasted great!! Hello,we Jump Youth Mission is … COTTAGE FRIES By Marilyn Armstrong on 2016-02-09 • ( 18). Please consider the performance of your appliance when following these directions.1/2 bag instructions:Preheat: oven to 425 degrees.Arrange: frozen golden fries in a single layer on an 11" x 17 baking sheet.Heat: for 17-25 mins. Thank you BHG, saved me this evening with this recipe! Pin 580. 25 mins and NO preheating oven, and blablablah like other recipe sites! See more. d Rating: Unrated 09/13/2013. Previous / Next. Check them out and add them to your fry-rotation. You Might Also Like: It ain’t that hard. Share 41. Keep frozen.Easy prep baking:Do not overcook.Appliance temperatures may vary. Kevin Pillay says: March 9, 2014 at 4:40 AM. [Our writers ranked the best summer gas-station snacks, sausages, packaged frozen treats, fruits and French fries.] 621 Shares. Home fries, cottage fries, etc. How to Fix your Dryer ; How to Make Yogurt at Home. Home fries are not French fries.)