Master your stock plugins before you upgrade. In this guide, we would look at the best vocal FX (a.k.a vocal effects) plugins you can use to supercharge your vocals…. Manually processing the new doubled voices separately, then mixing them back in parallel with the original, this is the same technique I suggested in PitchProof. Softube is a great name in overdrive … They are typically used later in the mixing process, and sparingly, as they are very sensitive and can greatly affect your mix. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They should be used in conjunction with EQs (see filte… moderated and those that doesn't relate with what the passage is saying or offensive comments would be deleted. An issue with doing a static de-essing is that you are applying it to the whole audio, although, this can be mitigated by automation, but again, it is time-consuming and since you would be working on lots of vocal mixed, you are better off with a plugin that does the heavy lifting for you. Vocal Compressor by W.A Production (✔️ Plugin Review), The 10 Best Free [Vocal Effects] VST Plugin [2020]. One last thing I would love to point is that if you are recording the sounds yourself, record the best sound possible. Waves Vocal Rider. fees by advertising and linking to ), VST2 or VST3 compatible application (Cubase, Fl Studio, Nuendo, Sequoia, etc.). I recently wrote a guide on the best free vocal effects VST plugin, which is good if you are not planning to spend much on music production plugins, however, as soon as you want more customization or intuitive interface, you’ll find yourself contemplating on which good and affordable vocal effect plugin to buy, and that is why I created this guide. Note: VocalSynth 2 can use the plug-in’s internal synthesizer to generate sound, although, you’ll still need to route an audio sample to the mixer channel slot you placed VocalSynth 2. Just to show you the possibilities of using this plugin, I would be doing a before and after on a piano: I added “Biological Math” preset Under the Deep Category. If you tend to do a lot of vocal heavy production, writing level rides can be a time … It does more than that now, it can be used for instrumental music recording, performances, and more. Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 as required by your version of Pro Tools. by iZotope. Little AlterBoy by Soundtoys. Also, you can take out unwanted frequency peaks as and when they occur – unlike applying a fixed EQ to the whole channel. It has the combination of an intuitive FFT display and three listen to modes that enable you to easily see and hear exactly where the disturbing frequencies are located in the frequency spectrum, which in turn allows rapid reduction or removal of the offending frequency. A chorus effect on vocals adds richness, depth, and widening. Mac OS 10.10.5 to 10.14 as required by your version of Pro Tools. Seriously – You can use it on a number of audio materials. It also includes frequency and drives parameters to help your vocal performances stand out from the crowd. Give your vocals professional clarity and polish with … Please experiment away, no hard rules in music production. Your email address will not be published. Compatible with any desktop application that supports Audio Unit (AU), VST2 or VST3 Plug-Ins. Antares Auto-Tune isn’t new to the game, in fact, it was introduced in 1997 by Antares Audio Technologies, which was developed for the correction of off-key inaccuracies, allowing vocal tracks to be perfectly tuned. VocalSynth doesn’t mean you are generating vocal instrument through a synthesizer, please don’t confuse it to an actual synthesizer, it is instead a tool for coloring, and shaping a vocal sample/any audio samples, be it an instrument or whatever audio samples you can lay your hands on. Also supports Pro Tools AAX Native Plug-In format, Create wide and modern vocals from a mono source, Drive dial to add grit and increase definition, Mute Source button for using effect as a send. Also, you can lock onto a single pitch for robotic sounds. One of the issues I have with the auto-tuning plugin is the latency, and the fix I use is by recording the vocalist with no auto-tuning plugin right off the bat, and well, that’s a little secret to record a perfect shot, I personally find it easy to start with no auto-tune on my fx channel, but what if you are recording a live band/performances? For example, the Oxford SuprEsser includes Automatic Level Tracking, Linear Phase Filtering, and a Wet/Dry blend control for final balancing. That said, if you are good with your stock plugins, then upgrade away. There is lots of stuff you can play with, from converting a single lead vocal into multiple stacks vocals, creating textures, effects, blending, and morphing in an experimental vocal playground, and finally find that secret something that makes your vocals stand out. Easy to use compression designed especially for vocals, Transform vocals with a set of easy-to-use tools in one simple plug-in, Shift the pitch and formant (gender) of vocals in real-time, Use the mix control to create instant vocal harmonies, Create vocoder-like effects using MIDI control, Get that “hard tune” effect heard in countless hip-hop and pop hits, AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, VST, and Audio Units (AU), An internet connection is required at the time of activation, A FREE account at is required (a physical USB iLok is not required), Widening a mono performance, ranging from subtle enhancement to a stack of hard-panned voices.